Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft Spigot

Playing Minecraft offers many possibilities such as building your own home, starting a farmer’s life or simply trying not to die at night. Well, if you are an advanced player, you might have come across some aspects of the game you don’t like. Plug-ins could help you to get rid of some of them. Now, you do not know how to use these plug-ins? With an API like Minecraft Spigot, you expand the possibilities to customize Minecraft on the server side and provide a smoother gameplay experience along the way.

In General: What Is Minecraft Spigot?

Spigot is a Minecraft API (Application Programming Interface) that runs both CraftBukkit and Spigot plug-ins. An API is a type of software supporting communication between several programs. To be correct, it is an optimized and enhanced version of CraftBukkit with significantly better performance. Minecraft Spigot allows a bigger group of players on a server to have a smoother gaming experience than with the vanilla version. However, it does not work with plug-ins for Paper (another Minecraft API based on Spigot) or Sponge.

A Closer Look on Spigot MC

More precisely, Spigot is a programming interface that can be used to create and install plug-ins for modifying Minecraft servers. It is based on CraftBukkit, which was discontinued due to copyright issues. In turn, it forms the basis for Paper (Spigot), an additionally optimized version. When installing plug-ins, you have to make sure that they are intended either for Spigot itself or for CraftBukkit. Plug-ins for other APIs or APIs based on Spigot, such as SpongeForge or Paper, are not usable or may have limited usability.

Spigot: Advantages

With Spigot you can use many different plug-ins, such as EssentialsX, FAWE or GriefPrevention, to significantly improve your gaming experience on Minecraft servers. It also offers many opportunities to optimize your Minecraft server. These include improving performance and simplifying administration. Therefore, especially servers with many active players benefit from Minecraft Spigot.

Spigot Features 

You might be wondering how exactly you can benefit from this, right? Spigot MC offers you some helpful features, such as:

  • Increased TPS 
  • Optimized tick cycle, anti-xray as well as decay and chunk ticks 
  • Configurable values for vanilla messages (e.g. whitelist)
  • Automatic restart in case of a crash 
  • Improved crash detection as well as lags avoidance 
  • Asynchronous chunk compression 
  • Ability to disable TAB commands or configure sent chunk packets 
  • Configuration via console logging 
  • Proxy prevention 
  • Memory-reducing nibble arrays

Installing Spigot MC

For copyright reasons, you have to compile the necessary Spigot.jar yourself. However, this should not scare you. Do not panic but follow our simple steps of installing Spigot on your server:

  1. Install Java and Git
  2. Load the current version of BuildTools.jar and place it in a new folder.
  3. Create a new text document with the editor and type “java -jar BuildTools.jar”. To compile Spigot.jar for a specific Minecraft version, append “- -rev [version number]”. So, for version 1.16.5 this would be:
    java -jar BuildTools.jar – -rev 1.16.5
  4. Save the text document under as “build.sh” in the same folder as the BuildTools.jar you just dropped.
  5. Now start build.sh and wait until your Spigot.jar is ready and the window closes.
  6. Install the Spigot.jar as a mod on the server and you are done.

Maybe consider a change from Spigot to Paper nevertheless. As we explained above, Paper is a further optimized version of Spigot. It offers you an even better performance while also working with all Spigot plug-ins. So, why stop once you are working your way through all these server settings and modifications? Paper is definitely worth having a look. 

In any case, Spigot provides a good foundation for a smooth, well-managed multiplayer experience. Have fun with your Spigot Minecraft server from G-Portal!

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