Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft silverfish

They are small. They can hiss. They are many. They live in the stone: silverfish! They hide in stone blocks of castles, mountains, cellars or forest mansions. The little critters don’t cause much attack damage, but they quickly become annoying. Silverfish have been in the game since Minecraft Java version 1.7. Find out what you need to know about them here! 

What is a silverfish?

In Minecraft, silverfish are small aggressive insect-like monsters. However, they also exist outside the Minecraft world. Maybe you’ve seen a silverfish flitting through the bathroom when you turned on the light. The small silvery insects are extremely shy of light and prefer warm, damp places.

As in Minecraft, the real-life question is whether the little silverfish are doing any good or harm. Silverfish eat mold and dust mites and are not disease vectors. However, they can cause damage to paper, such as books. In the game, the small animals have no use for you, because they threaten nothing after their death and also bring only 5 experience points.

If you encounter a few little fish in your apartment, this is no reason to panic. Only in large numbers do the silverfish become a problem, similar to Minecraft.

Where can I find silverfish in Minecraft?

There are several ways to encounter the little silver creatures:

Most often you can encounter them when mining infested Cobblestone. In addition to cobblestone, they also dwell in stone bricks or normal stone. 

There is always a silverfish spawn in end portal rooms. So that you don’t have to make your Minecraft life unnecessarily difficult, you can simply build a few blocks over them instead of engaging in a battle with the little pests. Since silverfish count as arthropods, enchantments can deal additional damage to them.

The silverfish problem in cobblestone

Silverfish are small animals that can inhabit and infest a block of stone and especially cobblestone. This can degenerate into a whole silverfish plague. If a stone is infested, you can’t see it. If you approach a silverfish, you can hear a hissing sound. Then it is usually: quickly away from here!

The Silverfish – An annoying pest and danger

The silverfish may sound cute, but it’s not quite as harmless as it seems in the Minecraft world. The little monster attacks when the Y-coordinate changes and makes you jump, which again results in a shift of the Y-axis. But that’s not enough of the player annoyance. If a little animal is threatened or injured, it calls for reinforcements from the surrounding rocks. Thus, from a radius of 21x21x11 blocks, a lot of silverfish quickly gather.

The swarm of silverfish can then grow into a real danger, because the many stings can kill you quickly. If you move away from the silverfish quickly and far enough, it retreats into the rock and remains, unlike other monsters. The small animals are brave and attack not only Minecraft players, but also ice golems or snow golems.

How to kill silverfish in Minecraft

If you stay near silverfish and change your Y-coordinate, they will attack you. As a weapon you can use anything that is tangible. The challenge lies in the fact that the small fish are hard to hit. A silverfish rarely comes alone: if one is attacked, the silverfish will call for reinforcements. So you are left with one tactic: get away fast!

Fun Facts about Minecraft silverfish

  • If a block with the Silk Touch enchantment is broken, the silverfish will not appear. 
  • If a Silverfish runs across Soul Sand, it gets stuck and suffocates. 
  • A silverfish never stands still and is always on the move. Combined with the swarming ability, killing the small mobs becomes a real challenge. 
  • Silverfish can also spawn in brightness. This makes them quite unique among mobs.

Conclusion Minecraft silverfish

Silverfish in Minecraft have some similarities to their real-life counterparts. Unlike most mobs in Minecraft, they have a swarm feel and are not a single enemy. Places like forts and underground passages make them seem more alive. Now you are well prepared for the silverfish and can venture into a new Minecraft adventure on your G-PORTAL server!

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