ARK Survival Evolved
Genre: Survival
Studio: Studio Wildcard
Publisher: Studio Wildcard
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Genre: Survival
Studio: Studio Wildcard
Publisher: Studio Wildcard

ARK Lost Island

Origin and release

ARK Lost Island, was released in December 2021 and is an official free DLC for ARK: Survival Evolved.

ARK Lost Island was created by the community with great attention to detail, and then officially included in the game by developer “Studio Wildcard”. The map was developed by Alexand90575037.

ARK Lost Island offers a completely new game experience for ARK fans, very detailed landscapes as well as many new secrets, biomes and monsters to discover.

Lost Island Monsters

Of course, ARK Lost Island also offers a large selection of monsters and dinosaurs that you can encounter everywhere. In total, there are about 150 different creatures on the map. Certain biomes are home to different monsters. So if you want to see all the monsters, you’ll have to take a good look around the map and visit all the areas.

Unique Lost Island monsters

As the first official community map, ARK Lost Island offers three different, unique monsters that can’t be found anywhere else – the Amargasaurus, Dinopithecus and Sinomacrops. All three monsters are completely different in design, strengths, weaknesses and benefits.


The Armagasaurus Titancius has an aggressive temperament, is very nimble for its size and is also a pretty good swimmer. So escaping into the cold water is not necessarily a good option if you have angered this fellow species. It also has a series of spikes on its back that it can use as a weapon. Once shot, these can cause thermal effects like fire and ice.


The Dinopithecus Anedmundius looks a bit like a Mandrill monkey and can climb along walls accordingly. It can also throw its poop at you, which disables Tek armor. When he appears in larger groups he usually shows aggressive behavior. These characteristics make him a remarkable and combative opponent.


Visually, the Sinomacrops Bondei resembles a mix of a butterfly and a bat in dinosaur form, which makes it look very cute in a way. Most of the time it is a very docile fellow, which players can even use as a “flying aid” if it sits on their shoulders. He also has the ability to enchant enemies.

ARK Lost Island Biomes

ARK Lost Island offers a huge selection of biomes and locations to explore. Fans of role-playing games will notice a certain similarity to the Tamriel region from The Elder Scrolls when looking at the world map. An inspiration in the map design cannot be denied. The size of the map is about 150km², which makes it larger than “The Island”, “Scorched Earth” and “The Center” together.

Each of the biomes has not only a unique look, but also different monsters and creatures, as well as resources. There are also some very special areas.

Here we give you an overview of what kind of areas you can find on the map:


  • Ancient Proving Grounds, Bootcrow Valley, Boskar Meadows, Bright Lion Dunes, Hildan Pass, Jaw Slope, Jaw Valley, Kesler Plains, Lealoa Valley, Narrow Winds Valley, Shoola Valley


  • Bin Da Island, Bootcrow Isle, Bootcrow Lip, Boskar Hook, Bright Lion Edge, Bright Lion Isles, Cape Disappoint, Cutters Haven, Deadman Isle, Grave Point, Grayden Rock, Horsfolk Island, Kortez Inslet, Odermann Cove, Sharkfin Key, Sokar Island, Spirits Island, Turtlemouth Island, Turtlemouth Isle


  • Bin Da Point, Bin Da Ridge, Casper Ridge, Claw of Kortez, Corsair Peaks, Corsair Ridge, Corsair Spire, Elbow of Kortez, Gloom Point, Gloom Rock, Gloom’s Tail, Gloomy Pass, Hildan Crest, Hildan Mountains, Hopper’s Lip, Jaw Ridge, Kersler Mound, Kersler Ridge, Kersler Ridge Top, Kesler Heights, Mount Bin Da, Mount Shoola, Saber Ridge, Shoola Ridge, The Shoola Plate, Tumash Edge, Turtleshell Rock, Tuskgor Mountains, Tuskgor Slope, Tusky Point, Zaunaloa


  • Bamboo Forest, Bamboo Grove, Darkfern Forest, Gloom Grove, Kersler Way, Saber Jungle, Shoola Jungle, Shoola Steps, The Four Mouths, Tumash Jungle, Tumash Teeth, Udal Jungle


  • Andary’s Lair, Boskar Cave, Corsair Lair, Hildan Cavity, Lighthouse Chamber, Lost Ark Grotto, Shoola Falls Cave, Shoola Hollow, Sunset Cave, The Twisted Vine, Tumash Cave, Tumash Tunnel, Zaunaloa Depths


  • Darkfern Castle, Gloom Grove Temple, Lookout Point, Temple Of The Forgotten, Tumash Temple, Turtleneck Flats


  • Bin Da Glades, Bin Da Ocean, Bin Da Sea, Bootcrow Sea, Boskar Bog, Boskar Lake, Boskar Mangroves, Boskar River, Boskar Sea, Boskar Swamp, Bright Lion Ocean, Bright Lion Sea, Corsair Falls, Corsair River, Cutters Lagoon, Darkfern River, Depths of Kortez, Four Mouth Sea, Four Mouth Seas, Gloomy Ocean, Gloomy Sea, Grimsly Sea, Grimsly Waterway, Kesler Sea, Kortez Narrow, Kortez Sea, Kortez Shallows, Lion’s Tail Sea, Pesky Pond, Saber Lagoon, Saber Reef, Sharkfin Sea, Spirit Falls, Spirit Sea, Sunset Bay, Sunset Sea, The Lost Sea, Tumash Bay, Tumash Deeps, Tumash Sea, Turtle Reef, Turtleback Swamp, Turtlehead Swamp, Turtleshell Groves, Tuskgor Drop, Tuskgor Lake, Tuskgor Sea, Underwater, Zaunaloa Ocean, Zaunaloa Sea


  • Bamboo Pass, Bin Da Beach, Bin Da Groves, Bin Da Lake, Bin Da River, Bootcrow Beach, Bootcrow Bend, Boskar Beach, Boskar Coast, Bright Lion Beach, Gloom Point Coast, Gloomy Coast, Great Lion Oasis, Hopper Inlets, Hopper Throughway, Kersler Gap, Kesler, Kesler Beach, Kesler Inlet, Kesler Ridge, Kortez Coast, Kortez Peninsula, Lealoa Sands, Lion Tail Beach, Lion Tail Oasis, Saber Coast, Saber Crest, Sands of The Four Mouths, Scutters Beach, Scutters Inlet, Sheer cliffs, Shoola Beach, Spirit Canyon, Sunrise Beach, Sunset Beach, Sunset Grotto, Sunset Ridge, Tumash Beach, Tumash Point, Turtleback Beach, Turtlehead Beach, Turtlemouth Beach, Turtlemouth Point, Tuskgor Beach, Tuskgor Coast, Tuskgor Flats, Tuskgor Wedge, Twisted Rock Gorge, Valley of The Sun, Winter, Zaunaloa Coast

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