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Create backup

You can create backups for your GPORTAL server if you want to. You receive free storage space for saving your game play.

Note Please note that backups are not created automatically.

How to create a backup via the web interface:

  1. Log on to our website
  2. Click on “My Servers” in the menu on the left
  3. Select the desired server
  4. Click on “Backup” in the “Administration” menu on the left
  5. Click on “Create Backup
  6. The server stops for the backup
  7. After creating the backup, the server restarts automatically

Advanced server settings

How do I enable mods on my Wreckfest server?

To be able to use your Workshop Mods on your GPORTAL server, you have to follow a few short steps. We show you how to do it. Remember to stop your server before you make any changes.

  1. First download the mods you want to use on your server via the Steam Workshop.
    -> Make sure you also note the workshop IDs of the respective mods.
  2. Downloaded mods are loaded by Steam in the “content” folder. You can find this folder under the following link if you have Steam installed in the default path:
    C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/workshop/content
    -> The Workshop folder for Wreckfest has the ID 228380
  3. Now, in the Wreckfest Workshop folder, find and copy the IDs of the mods you want to use on your server.
  4. Now copy the folders with the matching ID to the Wreckfest mods folder.
    Default path:
    -> … Steam/steamapps/common/Bugbear Entertainment/mods/

Editing the server_config.cfg file

Important A common mistake is to accidentally edit the “initial_server_config.cfg” instead of the “server_config.cfg”. Make sure you use the latter in the coming steps.

  • Search and open the server_config.cfg file in the Bugbear Entertainment folder.
    -> You should be able to find the following line there:
# Mod folder names in a comma separated list
  • Remove the # in front of “mods=…” so that the file can read this line.
  • Now add the mod IDs after the = which you have already noted before
    -> If you have more than one mod, separate them with a comma and write the IDs one after the other into the same line.

Save the change and start your server. Have fun!