How do I become a Conan Exiles server Admin ? (PS4, PC, XBOX)

Become a Conan Exiles server Admin in 5 steps:

  1. Save the admin password in the “basic settings
  2. Restart server
  3. Start the game and connect to the server
  4. Enter the admin password in the options
  5. Enable admin in the game via options

This is what you have to keep in mind for the Conan server admin

As server admin, you have more options in the game. Players can become an admin in Conan Exiles with a password. You set the admin password in your server’s basic settings. You can find this in the web interface on the left side of the menu.

NotePlease note that the admin password cannot contain special characters. Special characters are e.g.: &, /, =, [ and ].
After changing the admin password, the server must be restarted to activate the changes.

After successfully connecting to your server in the game, navigate to settings (“ESC” on the PC, “Options” on the PS4 or the “Menu” button on the Xbox).

Within the settings, navigate to the “Server Options” button and click on “Make me an Admin”.

Enter the admin password that you have set in the basic settings. When everything is confirmed, you will see “Administrator rights granted”.

You can access the admin panel from the options menu, and, with one click, you can use full administrator rights in the game.

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