Minecraft circles

In a game, where everything is built from cubes, the goal of a perfect circle seems almost absurd. Nevertheless, by precisely arranging blocks, it is possible to approach a perfect circle. The bigger the Minecraft circle, the rounder it will look. This is how to build a circle in Minecraft.

How to make a circle in Minecraft

The trick to building circles, domes and round structures is to arrange the blocks exactly. Of course, you can approximate the circle shape yourself through trial and error, but it’s easier to use a tool. A Google search will provide you with several sites that allow you to design and then recreate circular shapes. We recommend the Plotz Modeller at this point. It allows budding block architects to completely pre-plan not only circles and ellipses, but also spheres and round structures before they start building. Afterwards, you can either rebuild the structure block by block or you can imprint the individual Minecraft circle pattern you want to build with. This depends on the size of the circle, but is repeated again and again within a structure.

The perfect Minecraft circle

While designing the structure, you will notice that small circles don’t really look round. While a circle with the dimensions 15×15 looks more like a square with rounded corners, a circle with the dimensions 256×256 looks almost like a perfect circle in the overall view. So, if you are planning a round building, you should find a good compromise between size and appearance.

Round Minecraft buildings

Now, in rebellious fashion, you’ve placed a circle in a world of cubes. After the excitement of accomplishing the impossible has faded, you may be wondering what buildings you can use your newly acquired skills for. The Plotz Modeller already suggests an observatory, a wizard’s tower, a lighthouse and a giant snowman. You can also design these completely in advance and then build them. If your ambitions are greater, they are limited only by your creativity. Whether it’s a church steeple, a crop circle or a coliseum, the principle is always the same, so go wild! Some people might just like to have a round Minecraft house.

We hope we could bring a little peace to your inner Archimedes. If you want to share your round buildings with other players, try a Minecraft server from G-Portal.

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