How to install ValheimPlus

To join a modded server, you have to install ValheimPlus on your client.

  • Download the client mod from our web interface located in the basic settings
  • Unzip the file with a program like WinRAR
  • Open your Steam folder on your computer (usually located here: C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Valheim\
  • Paste the files from the downloaded folder and replace the existing ones
  • Important: After every update, the client version has to be updated manually. The server updates itself after a simple restart

Now ValheimPlus is installed and you can join your modded server

Important To deactivate the mod on your computer, locate the Steam folder of Valheim again and rename this file: winhttp.dll (e.g. to winhttp1.dll). If you want to remove it completely, you have to delete and reinstall the entire game via Steam.

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