Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft Chicken

The ubiquitous Minecraft chicken is one of the most common, yet also most overlooked animals in the entire cubic world. However, especially new players can struggle with keeping and breeding chickens. Meanwhile, veterans can easily ignore how valuable the little flightless birds can be. And all the players seem to forget that the Minecraft chicken has shaped the game’s playstyle since the very beginning, being one of the mobs present since the Alpha version. In any case, this article provides an informative guide on how to find and utilize a Minecraft chicken.

Overview Minecraft Chicken:

  • passive mob
  • drops eggs periodically
  • breeding: with seeds
  • can occur as part of a chicken jockey

Locating a Minecraft Chicken

A Minecraft chicken is commonly found in grassy biomes, such as plains and forests. The passive mob adds life and ambiance to the Minecraft world. You can easily spot it by its distinct white feathers and the sounds it makes. Exploring these biomes during the day increases the chances of encountering a Minecraft chicken, as this animal roams freely in the open.

At the same time, a Minecraft chicken is often the prey of hunting animals. Foxes, cats and ocelots tend to hunt chickens for their diet, so be prepared to fend them off if necessary. Fortunately, none of them should pose too big a threat, so a simple weapon takes care of that problem. Swords made of iron are the perfect fit for such an occasion.

Keeping the Wild Minecraft Chicken at Bay

It should be noted that you cannot tame a Minecraft chicken. The only way to make sure these animals remain in your village is to build a pen for them to live in. Use fences crafted out of simple wood to create a space the chickens cannot run from. Fortunately, as in the real world, a Minecraft chicken can’t fly and can only flap their wings to slow their fall, making it completely immune to fall damage.

How to Breed Chickens in Minecraft

Understanding how to breed chickens in Minecraft is crucial for those looking to establish a steady supply of resources. A Minecraft chicken can be bred using seeds of various plants. To be exact, the following seeds can be used to initiate love mode within the Minecraft chicken community:

  • beetroot seeds
  • melon seeds
  • pitcher pods
  • pumpkin seeds
  • torchflower seeds
  • wheat seeds

When two chickens are fed these seeds, they enter love mode, resulting in the spawning of a baby Minecraft chicken. This process is an efficient way to grow a chicken farm, providing a renewable source of materials. However, especially when it comes to automated Minecraft chicken farming, you should be careful how many chickens you wish to allow roaming your world. When a certain threshold is surpassed, your computer might not be able to handle all of the processing. 

The Chicken Jockey: Minecraft’s Phenomenon

An intriguing aspect of the Minecraft chicken theory is the rare occurrence of the chicken jockey. Minecraft offers a hostile mob, typically a baby zombie, that spawns riding a chicken. This unusual pairing presents a unique challenge to players, as it combines the speed and agility of a Minecraft chicken with the attack power of a zombie. But how do these special mobs come to pass?

To be clear, encountering a chicken jockey is a very rare occurrence. A chicken jockey is the combination of a chicken and the baby form of one of these mobs:

  • zombie
  • husk
  • zombie villager
  • zombified piglin
  • drowned

Already, the chance of these babies spawning is only 5%. In addition, each of these mobs has a 5% chance of checking for a Minecraft chicken in close proximity when spawning. If that check fails, there is a chance of them spawning while riding a new chicken of, of course, 5%. So, the chance of a chicken jockey is:

  • 0.4875% (with chickens)
  • 0.2375% (without chickens)

As you can see, these chances are not very high, even if a Minecraft chicken is present. Although they have the same chances to drop equipment as their adult counterparts and have the same amount of health, they give the player more XP when killed. Otherwise, encountering one is a memory to be treasured, seeing as their spawn chance is so low.

Conclusion: Minecraft Chicken

A Minecraft chicken is more than just a simple passive mob; it offers resources, breeding opportunities and unique challenges like the chicken jockey. Whether used as minecraft chicken food or as part of a farming strategy, chickens are an integral part of the Minecraft experience. They might not be as flashy or imposing as dragons or the wither but they are an important part of the game and have left their footprint on Minecraft in a way other mobs can only dream about. And exploring the limits of your Minecraft chicken-fueled journey should be done on a Minecraft server from G-Portal. We offer secure Minecraft server hosting with all the comfort and accessibility you can expect. So don’t wait any longer and flap your wings to land securely on our Minecraft hosting servers.

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