Minecraft Fabric

Fabric is a modloader for Minecraft, similar to Forge. This allows mods to be loaded onto the respective Minecraft game version.

What does a modloader like Fabric do?

In principle, Fabric (like Forge) is a tool for installing mods on the original Minecraft game version. However, it should be noted that only mods explicitly designated for Fabric can be installed with Fabric at all. This is also the case with Forge and the versions are not compatible. However, it is quite possible that a mod comes both in the Forge version, as well as in the Fabric version. Most mods are rather designed for Forge, because this is older (Fabric exists only since version 1.14.).

How to download Minecraft Modloader Fabric?

  • Open: https://fabricmc.net/
  • Click at “installation” on the download link to Fabric
  • It is highly recommended to also download the Fabric Mod API
  • Because it is needed for many Fabric mods.
  • Then select the latest version (currently 1.16.5).
  • In the Minecraft Launcher the new Fabric profile will appear

What exactly are the differences between Forge and Fabric?

The differences between the two modloaders can be summarized briefly and succinctly:

  • Loading time of the mods: Fabric is usually faster when loading than Forge. 
  • Updates: Fabric mods are available much faster after updates 
  • Single/Multiplayer: For a simple multiplayer game Fabric is sufficient, for extended singleplayer game with extensive mods Forge is better 
  • Choice of mods: Since Forge has been around much longer, is better known, and most mods are designed for it, there are many more Forge mods than Fabric mods.

Some mods briefly introduced at Fabric

Mod Menu  

Creates a new button to the Minecraft menu where you can see all mods listed. Ideal for users with many mods!

Immersive Portals

The special thing about the portal: it allows you to see into the Nether without going in or out of the Nether to the world you came from. You like what you see through the portal? Then step through and explore the Nether. 

VoxelMap or JustMap Mod 

A map (minimap) that shows the world and surroundings. You can also mark waypoints and see where you died last time.

Oh the Biomes you’ll go Mod

With the mod you get 70 new biomes for your Minecraft world. With it also comes many new blocks and items, for example many different types of wood that you can use.

Time to live 

Quite handy for your game life is the mod Time to live. If you light a TNT block with a lighter, the mod shows you how much time you have left until the TNT explodes.

Colored Campfire Mod 

A colorful spectacle in the sky? No problem with the Coloured Camp Fire Mod! With a block under the campfire you can color the smoke of the campfire. The block must be activated with Redstone. 

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