Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft Camel

Discover the Enigmatic Minecraft Camel

In the ever-evolving world of Minecraft, the introduction of the camel mob in the 1.20 update has added a new layer of excitement and exploration for players. The Minecraft camel, a much-anticipated addition ever since it was first mentioned during the 2022 Minecraft Live event, has garnered significant attention for its unique characteristics and the fresh gameplay opportunities it presents. This article delves deep into everything you need to know about the camel in Minecraft, from where to find these majestic creatures to their dietary habits, breeding processes and more.

Overview Minecraft Camel:

  • found in desert biomes
  • passively regenerates health
  • has some unique movement abilities
  • carries up to 2 players at once

Where to Find Camels in Minecraft

A Minecraft camel is native to the game’s desert biomes, offering a realistic touch to the game’s ecosystem. It spawns in the center of desert villages, making this the best place to start searching. The so-called Minecraft camel biome is specifically designed to mimic the natural habitat of camels, making the desert biome a must-visit for players eager to encounter these new mobs. Searching for camels in these arid regions not only enhances the adventure aspect of the game but also provides players with the opportunity to utilize these creatures for various purposes. Who knows, maybe you can even find a desert temple in the sands. A Minecraft camel can be difficult to find as the game goes on, however, as it doesn’t respawn after being killed. So, be quick if you want to find one of these steeds. 

Fun Fact

Since the Minecraft camel biome actually resembles the areas camels inhabit in real life, it is worth mentioning which camels the MC camel is based on. In the real world, there are two major species of camel: The bactrian camel, which has two humps and the dromedary camel, which has one single hump. As developer Alexander Sandor reveals in this developer log, the developers first designed the MC camel based on the bactrian camel. But the model ended up looking like “a teddy bear with two humps”, so the design was changed into the dromedary camel we see in the game today.

Minecraft Camel Food & Dietary Habits

Feeding and taking care of your Minecraft camel is crucial for their health and happiness. The primary Minecraft camel food includes cacti, which are abundant in their native desert biome. Cacti also heal Minecraft camels by 2 hearts when they are fed, adding to their already impressive regenerating abilities. A MC camel heals passively over time, making it a  very reliable mount

Can You Ride Camels in Minecraft?

One of the most exciting features of the Minecraft camel is the ability to ride it. This adds a new dimension to exploration and transportation within the game. At first glance, they are similar to other rideable mobs such as the horse or the lava strider, but there are some unique treats to the Minecraft camel. As they are passive rideable mounts, you don’t even have to tame them before riding them. Riding a camel in Minecraft not only speeds up travel across the vast landscapes but also provides a strategic advantage in evading hostile mobs and navigating through difficult terrains.

The MC Camel Sprint

Keep in mind that despite its readiness to be mounted, a Minecraft camel still requires a saddle to be steered. If you sit on a camel, it has complete control over where you are going, unless you put a saddle on it. And steering a camel unlocks a myriad of new functions. Firstly, you can use your Minecraft camel to sprint, just as most humanoid mobs can. However, in addition to this movement, the MC camel can also dash, as shown with the dash bar that appears while riding the it. Dashing means that the camel runs up to 12 blocks forward and jumps 1 block upward and gives off a special sound. You can use this manner of transportation to move over difficult roadblocks, which works well in combination with the Minecraft camel’s unique ability to move onto 1.5 block high objects. This means that they can mount fences and walls.

A Minecraft Camel Ride for Two

Secondly, a MC camel has another ability almost no other entity possesses: it can carry up to two players, not just 1. The only other rides that can carry two players are boats and bamboo rafts, making the Minecraft camel the only mob with this option. While one player has to steer the MC camel, the other can kick back and relax – or attack enemy mobs. Luckily for you, camels are exceptionally tall and don’t allow for other mobs to attack you, unless they can jump. This includes spiders, wolves and slimes, but most mobs don’t even bother attacking an MC camel or its riders. Besides the jumping mobs, only those that automatically attack every mob they see will come into contact with you. These are:

Only when you stay away from these mobs can you ride camels in Minecraft peacefully.

Minecraft Camel Breeding

Breeding camels in Minecraft is another aspect that enriches the gameplay experience. Minecraft camel breeding allows players to grow their camel population, which can be beneficial for various purposes, including transportation, resource gathering and even as a defense mechanism against hostile mobs. The process of breeding camels involves feeding them their preferred food, cacti, which enables their ‘love mode’ and causes them to create a new baby camel. Be careful, however, as cacti can still hurt the camels, even though that damage is offset by their natural healing abilities.

The Minecraft 1.20 Camel Update

The Minecraft 1.20 camel update (that isn’t officially called the camel update) has been a game-changer, introducing these fascinating creatures into the Minecraft universe. The update has not only added a new mob to the game but has also enhanced the overall gaming experience by providing new challenges and opportunities for exploration, survival and creativity. The 1.20 camels have quickly become a favorite among players, thanks to their unique features and the added depth they bring to the game. Besides the Minecraft camel we talked about here, the ‘Trails & Tails’ update added many new concepts into the game, including:

As you can see by the sheer amount of new things introduced in this update, Minecraft has changed significantly. For more information about these topics, check out our guides. They will surely help you to use these things to your advantage.

Conclusion: Minecraft Camel

The camel in Minecraft represents a significant update that has captivated the player community. Whether it’s exploring the vast deserts in search of these majestic creatures, utilizing them for transportation or engaging in camel breeding for various benefits, the introduction of camels has enriched the Minecraft experience in numerous ways. As players continue to explore all that the Minecraft 1.20 camel update has to offer, the camels are sure to remain a beloved and integral part of the game’s ever-expanding world. And what’s more, the Minecraft camel has proven to be an invaluable companion in the rough world of Minecraft. If you want to explore the cubic deserts (or any biome for that matter), a Minecraft server from G-Portal is the perfect way to do so. Grab a friend and take them for a ride on this majestic steed. We guarantee it will be worth your time! So, What are you waiting for?

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