ARK: Survival Evolved
Genre: Survival
Studio: Studio Wildcard
Publisher: Studio Wildcard
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Genre: Survival
Studio: Studio Wildcard
Publisher: Studio Wildcard

ARK Fjordur

ARK Fjordur, will be finally released on June 12, 2022 and is an official free DLC for ARK: Survival Evolved.

ARK Fjordur, formerly known as “Fjördur”, was created by the community in years of work, and then officially included in ARK by developer “Studio Wildcard”. The map was developed by Nekatus and Trappel22.

ARK Fjordur offers a completely new game experience for ARK fans, in a primarily Nordic setting, with many new biomes and monsters to discover.

Fjordur Monster

Like any map, ARK Fjordur also offers a wide variety of monsters that you can encounter everywhere. In total, there are over 150 different creatures on the map. Certain biomes are home to different monsters. So if you want to see all the monsters, you’ll have to take a good look around the map and visit all the areas.

Unique Fjordur monster

As with other maps before, ARK Fjordur will once again have unique creatures that you can only find here – the Fjordhawk, the Desmodus, the Andrewsarchus and the Fenrir. All three monsters are completely different in design, their strengths, weaknesses and usefulness.


The Andrewsarchus brings out the big guns. A mix of wild boar and bear with a very impressive machine gun on the back. With this you are well prepared for any battle.


The Fjordhawk, this little rascal can bring distant objects and loot to its owner, thus saving walking distances or even getting over obstacles to reach loot that would otherwise be difficult to access.

Desmodus Draculae

In a dark cave you are hardly ever alone. On the ceiling already lurk several Desmodus, their sign giant bats. Once tamed, they can be used as flying mounts. This way you can attack enemy fortresses from the air and there is even a stealth mode.


Finally, there’s the rather mysterious Fenrir, where you’ll have to find out for yourself what he’s all about.

ARK Fjordur Biomes

ARK Fjordur clearly takes its design inspiration from the Nordic world and mythology. Vikings will feel absolutely at home here. Starting from icy regions, dense forests to countless cave systems, you’ll find everything your Viking heart beats for here.

Some special features have also been added to the map such as snowstorms, a stunning Aurora Borealis in the sky, special loot crates and even a beaver dam.

Here we give you an overview of which areas you can find on the map:


  • Vardiland Valley, Skardstind Mountains, Dvergheimr, Vardiland River, Emerald, Trench, Vardiland Village


  • Aggersburg, Forburg, Shimmering Halls, Shimmering Halls Cave, Broken, Meadows, Skadifjord, Lindbjord Forest, Snaerheimr Mountains, Kairuku Islands, Fyrkaburg, Runheimr Forest, Runheimr Stronghold, Runheimr Mountains


  • Bolbjord House, Bolbjord Stronghold


  • Balheimr Trench, Balheimr Oil Fields, Balheimr Sulfur Pools


  • Jotunheimr Lake, Jotunheimr Wyvern Trench, Jotunheimr Trench


  • Vanaheimr Blossom Lake, Vanaheimr Forests, Vanaheimr Wyvern Trench


  • Bear Caverns, The Frozen Fortress, Mariana Caverns, Molten Caverns, The Snakepit, Hidden Grotto, Lindbjord Cave, The Snowglobe, Treasure Cave, The Overgrown Grave, Beiygjaheimr, Nidisheim, The Forgotton Caverns, Mount Doom Caverns, The Throat of Flames, Caverns of Time, Faheimr, Forburg Cave, Drengrheimr, Hall of Fame, Dvergheimr Cave, Abyssal Depths

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