Counter-Strike 2 / CS:GO

Counter-Strike 2, the long-awaited successor to the hit CS:GO. The best tactical shooter action in the familiar style with new visuals and improved gameplay.

Mod installation

How do I install “metamod” on my CS2 server?

First you need the corresponding mod. You can download it from the following link:

  • Unpack the file into your game/csgo/ folder
    • The path should look like this:
    • In it you will find “metamod”, “metamod.vdf” and “metamod_x64.vdf”
  • Then please take a look at the following external wiki, which explains the next steps of the installation:

Hint We have decided to link to the external wiki here, as this will be updated if necessary and you will always find the latest information there.

  • The external wiki describes how to edit “game/csgo/”
  • Now add the following line to this file under “SearchPaths” (below “Game_LowViolence”):
    Game csgo/addons/metamod
  • Together with the changes from the external wiki, your file should look something like this:
        Game_LowViolence        csgo_lv // Perfect World content override

        Game   csgo/addons/metamod

        Game   csgo
        Game   csgo_imported
        Game   csgo_core
        Game   core

        Mod    csgo
        Mod    csgo_imported
        Mod    csgo_core

        AddonRoot                       csgo_addons

        LayeredGameRoot         "../game_otherplatforms/etc" [$MOBILE || $ETC_TEXTURES] //Some platforms do not support DXT compression. ETC is a well-supported alternative.
        LayeredGameRoot         "../game_otherplatforms/low_bitrate" [$MOBILE]
  • Restart your server
  • Now use RCON with the command “meta version”

CS:GO – How to boot a server?

To boot a CS:GO server you need a plugin and Sourcemod. You can find both by following the link below: