The makers of Reign of Kings send you with Heat to the Wild West. Your task is to survive, to build an existence and to protect yourself. In our Wiki you can find all important information about server management in Heat.

Basic Serverconfiguration

Create backup

You can create backups for your GPORTAL server if you want to. You receive free storage space for saving your game play.

Note Please note that backups are not created automatically.

How to create a backup via the web interface:

  1. Log on to our website
  2. Click on “My Servers” in the menu on the left
  3. Select the desired server
  4. Click on “Backup” in the “Administration” menu on the left
  5. Click on “Create Backup
  6. The server stops for the backup
  7. After creating the backup, the server restarts automatically

How do I become an admin in HEAT?

  1. Log in via our website
  2. Click on “My servers” in the left menu
  3. Select the desired server
  4. Stop the server
  5. Click on “Configuration files
  6. Select the file “Permissions.cfg” from the dropdown
  7. Enter the following code into the configuration file:
users {
groups {
- 'admin'

Restart the server to activate the changes.