Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

“Ticking Entity Error”

What is a “Ticking Entity Error”?

This is a fairly common error that occurs mostly when using large modpacks, but can also occur on vanilla servers.

Such an error occurs when an object (a mob, an item, etc. …) in a chunk is corrupted. If you join your server and then load directly into the same chunk where the corrupted object is, the server will crash immediately.

Other players can theoretically join the server, as long as they are not in the same chunk as the corrupted object. However, if they then move into said chunk, it will crash again.

How can I fix the error?

In the following we will show you a few possibilities how you can fix this error. Please note that not every option will work in your case. Therefore, take a closer look at all options first and then choose the one that seems best suited for your specific case. Alternatively, you can always contact our support directly.

The “Vanilla” method

With this method, note that it works only if the originator of the error is a “hostile mob”. If that is the case, proceed as follows:

  • First stop your server
  • Then open the basic settings of your server on our website
  • Search for the “View Distance” and set it down
  • Set the difficulty to “Peaceful
  • Save the changes and start your server again

Now try to join your server again. If this works and everything is working normally again, you can undo the changes, restart your server and continue playing.

With the help of “world editors”

A very effective method is the use of so-called “world editors”. These allow you to easily remove the affected chunk (where the problem lies).

However, before you try this method, be sure to create a backup of your server so that you can restore the previous state in case of an editing error.

Well-known “world editors” are, for example, MCEdit or Amulet Editor. Even though this method is very effective, we recommend using it only if you are familiar with such tools. Therefore, please do not forget the backup.v

Load an older backup

Speaking of backups. If a “Ticking entity error” occurs, you can simply load a previous backup of your server on which the error is not yet present. The requirement is, of course, that you have created at least one such backup beforehand.

For Forge servers: Use the “Forge Config”

The “Forge-Config” provides an option with which you can automatically remove corrupt objects. Of course, this only works with Forge servers.

Proceed as follows if you want to try this method:

  • First stop your server
  • Then establish a FTP connection to your server
    • We recommend “Filezilla” as FTP tool
  • Depending on the Forge version you are using search for:
    • /serverconfig/forge-server.toml
      (Forge 1.13 or newer)
    • config/forge.cfg
      (Forge 1.12 or older)
  • Then search in each of the files for the following lines:
  • Set the value of both lines to “true
  • Save the change, exit the FTP and restart your server

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