Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft RLCraft

Shivaxi’s RLCraft modpack is one of the hardest Minecraft experiences you can get. “Real Life Craft” presents you with a series of challenges that you probably wouldn’t have expected in Minecraft. RLCraft is available through the CurseForge launcher. Here you can find out what awaits you in the fantasy world.

Minecraft RLCraft in a nutshell

  • RL Craft = Real Life Craft = more game realism
  • Different life system and higher vulnerability 
  • Everything you meet in the world wants to kill you 
  • But there are also friendly creatures 

RLCraft – The trickiest modpack in Minecraft?

You think a player cutting down five trees with no tools whatsoever is upsetting? Do you find it unbearably unrealistic that one meal heals all wounds? Then you are far from alone! The popular Minecraft modpack RLCraft, with over 3 million downloads, mainly aims to add more realism to the game. This is noticeable in several game elements, some of which we would like to introduce to you.

The 4 greatest changes in RLCraft

  • Dangerous biomes
  • Complex crafting
  • Challenging supply
  • Skills and levels

Skills and Levels in Minecraft RLCraft

With RLCraft you’ll have a skills system like the ones you might know from RPGs (Role-Playing Games) such as Skyrim, Rust, or Life is Feudal. Invest your experience points to get new abilities and get stronger over time. Increasing your level has another purpose, though: Equipment now has a minimum level you need to use it.

If you die in the game – which will definitely happen more often in the beginning – you will respawn at a random location. Without a spawn point, you will be abandoned somewhere in the world. What an adventure! 

World and Bioms in Minecraft RLCraft 

RLCraft not only adds more biomes to the game, but also changes them, sometimes significantly. For example, each biome has its own base temperature. This is additionally influenced by the time of day, the season and the altitude you are at. If you don’t pay attention to the temperature and appropriate clothing, you’ll quickly get heat stroke or your first Minecraft hypothermia. 

Numerous new elements such as houses, caves, or castles also make the fantasy world much more varied. There are a lot of mystical places to explore like lost temples or pirate islands.  

Crafting in RLCraft

Crafting becomes much more complex with RLCraft. For example, in order to cut down a tree, you must first extract flint from gravel. The flint must be smashed into flint chips on a hard surface. Then you dig through tree leaves until you find a stick. With the stick and the flint chips you can now make your first knife. With it, you can in turn obtain plant fibers from grass to make a string. From a string, a flint chip, and a stick you can now craft a flint axe and finally cut down a tree. Place the axe at the bottom.

Important: The tree will fall down and can kill you.

As you can imagine, it will take you some time to get familiar with all the new crafting mechanics. However, when you finally get a hang of it, you’ll truly have achieved something.

How to survive in RLCraft

Your own supply and battles also become much more challenging. You can now take damage to individual body parts (e.g. right arm, left leg, head) and die from a single headshot. Injuring your arms or legs will impact you and can slow you down. Constant thirst and hunger also cause you trouble, e.g. if your thirst increases, your eyesight will decrease. 

New creatures in RLCraft

Besides, in the different biomes you’ll encounter new creatures, most of which want to kill you. In RLCraft you’ll encounter a large number of creatures: dragons, hippogriffs, nymphs, golems, sirens, gorgomites, sea serpents or terror chickens, which will quickly knock you out in the first level. Especially the realistic variety of dragons can quickly become problematic. The good news is that most of the creatures can be tamed or healed. By taming the creatures, you can also ride them – so you also have many new gameplay options.

Minecraft RLCraft Conclusion

It’s completely impossible to prepare you for everything that Minecraft RLCraft has to offer and will demand from you. With the new dangers, the RLCraft mod also offers you a lot of new possibilities. The skill level system will further challenge your gaming skills and provide a lot of fun. 

However, we hope that you were able to gain a little insight into what you are getting into with the popular modpack.

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