Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft FTB Infinity Evolved

The Minecraft mod that elevates it to a higher level

FTB Mod Infinity Evolved for Minecraft is a modpack that consists of about 170 individual mods. It is an all-rounder modpack and offers a range of possibilities in Minecraft.

FTB Infinity Evolved in a nutshell: 

  • Allrounder Modpacket
  • Good for learning and building larger systems
  • Three different modes: Survival, Creative, Expert

What is FTB Infinity Evolved?

First of all, this modpacket was developed by the FTB (Feed the Beast) team, originally with the approach to serve as a training mod. This core idea can be seen again and again flashing in the mod. This makes Infinity Evolved a very educational mod.

It is a good mod package for someone who wants to consciously learn more about the Minecraft world, its possibilities and materials. The mod package was first released in 2015.

What are my options with FTB Infinity Evolved?

The FTB Infinity Evolved modpackage includes a number of partly already known mods, such as Buildcraft, Thaumcraft, Redpower 2, Industrialcraft 2 or the good old classic with Biomes O’ Plenty. All of these add their features to Infinity Evolved and create a focus on a technological as well as a magical component.

The different modes in the mod

Infinity Evolved offers a classic survival mode (build a house, plant food, breed animals, and survive) and a creative mode. The creative mode is a mode in which things can be created or manufactured. Here numerous objects, biomes, and animals can be inserted around itself then only with it to deal.

Finally, there is the Expert mode, which is designed a bit more for advanced players (e.g. more difficult recipes à Creative Energy Cell) and blocks a machine that is considered too strong.

This is what changes in Infinity Evolved Mod 

Due to the focus on technology, a number of machines and the use of computers are naturally an important point. These can be used for field work, but especially for mine work. From multi-functional tools, the use of electricity, laser guns, to a diamond mine drill, a lot is possible here.

Furthermore, recipes for crafting items also change. 

The use of so-called “turtles” (not actual turtles, but small robots) is an often-named feature for FTB Infinity Evolved (although the “turtles” actually come from the Computercraft mod). Of course, “turtle programming” is by no means limited to Infinity Evolved! Harnessing the little helpers for tasks (mining, fighting, farming…) is definitely extremely helpful for any player who builds larger facilities and production sites – and that’s where the FTB Infinity Evolved mod comes in handy!

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