Minecraft Modpack MC Eternal

A refurbished Minecraft for endless adventures

While many Minecraft modpacks target a very specific gaming experience, MC Eternal promises to be something for everyone. However, the creator of the modpack made sure that the game is not too complicated. Among other things, you can expect numerous quests and RPG elements, but also factories, bounty hunts and a new economy system.

The MC Eternal modpack, available through Curseforge, gives you options to play the game in your own way and change it as you go. It achieves this through a huge number of well- and lesser-known mods. Do you want to try out a lot of different mods without committing to a certain way of playing? Then MC Eternal might be just right for you. We’ve rounded up some of the many things you can experience in the Minecraft modpack:

Quests and Challenges with the MC Eternal Modpack

If you’ve just installed the modpack, but don’t know what to do with your newfound freedom of action, just take a look at your quests and challenges. Some of these are rewarded with useful equipment and range from small tasks to real challenges that can require days of grinding. Completionists will quickly reach the limits of their endurance, but less compulsively inclined players will be happy to find plenty of inspiration and a sense of achievement.

Exploration in MC Eternal

You can explore the game world of MC Eternal forever. Whether you’re on an expedition to the bottom of the sea or a lunar mission, there’s plenty to discover. Explore new dimensions like The Beneath, Ratlantis or the Moon. New bosses and structures await you there as well.

Crafting and Factories in MC Eternal

While the crafting system has been kept simple to keep the barrier to entry into the modpack low, the crafting possibilities are huge. Automate crafting processes by building factories and create new engineering wonders like jetpacks and power suits. The promised flight to the moon requires building your own rocket as well. Don’t worry if your degree in aerospace engineering was a few years ago: With this modpack, crafting is all about fun.

Who do you want to be?

MC Eternal allows you to choose a role. Whether you want to be a power-hungry mage searching the world for mystical artifacts or a simple farmer selling his crops, this modpack lets you live out your dream. A new economy system allows you to trade your goods extensively.

Minecraft Mod MC Eternal Conclusion

By now, it should be clear that MC Eternal is a modpack that demands little and gives a lot. This makes it an excellent introduction to the world of modding. So, should you feel overwhelmed by the mass of Minecraft mods, you can get started here without much effort and find out what you like. However, keep in mind that Minecraft requires at least 5.5 GB of RAM for the modpack. Together with other players on one of our servers, the whole thing is even more fun.

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