Minecraft Modpack: Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons

The Minecraft Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons (R.A.D.) modpack is available through Curseforge and will fundamentally change your gaming experience. Instead of mining for ores and crafting equipment, you’ll face stronger enemies, level up your skills, and search dungeons for anything that can help you in battle.

Fight, loot and discover with the mod

Rogue-like games have been very popular since the eighties. Whether you’re a fan of the genre or just looking for some variety, Minecraft Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons has a lot for you to discover. We’ve gathered the most important information about the gameplay and the included mods and introduce you to the dangerous world of Minecraft R.A.D..

The gameplay of Minecraft Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons 

With this modpack, Minecraft is all about battles. To pass them, you’ll need increasingly better equipment, which you’ll get from chests or from defeated enemies. Your path will lead you through deep dungeons, where puzzles, traps, mazes and unexpected enemies will protect precious loot. Overcome all obstacles, complete your quests and you’ll get stronger and stronger. But even if you are well equipped and have leveled up your skills, you can’t rest on your laurels: your enemies will also become more dangerous and will always provide a challenge.

What you can expect with the modpack

Minecraft R.A.D. expands the base game with many elements known from dungeon crawlers. Thus, you’ll be able to cast new simple spells, collect coins and exchange them for equipment, or even tame mobs. You’ll do this not only in the familiar environment, but also in other dimensions with specific themes, such as the Betweenlands or the Aether, in which you’ll move over floating islands, or the gloomy Twilight Forest. There are also random modifiers for both your weapons and your enemies, which are overall much smarter, stronger and more varied than in the base game. Rounding out the modpack are many little Easter Eggs. So don’t be surprised if you stumble upon Mace Windu’s lightsaber and get attacked by an ice dragon in the next moment. In Minecraft R.A.D., this is just another Tuesday.

You can play Minecraft Roguelike Adventures and Dragons either alone or online on one of our servers. Keep in mind that you need at least 4GB of RAM. If you want to avoid unnecessary lags, it is also recommended to generate the world in advance. We hope you were able to get an idea of what to expect from this modpack and we wish you a lot of fun fighting, looting, and exploring.

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