Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft SevTech: Ages

From Stone Age to Space

The modpack SevTech: Ages allows you to travel through the ages of human history. As a result, you get a game with slower progress, more long-term gameplay fun and a lot of new technology. We have compiled the special features of the Curseforge modpack and hereby give you a first insight.

Once through the ages with SevTech: Ages

Instead of Minecraft’s usual progression system, with SevTech: Ages you’ll go through the ages of human history in six acts: Stone Age, Bronze Age, Middle Ages, Industrial Age, Modern Age and Futuristic Age/Creative Age. For this purpose, the modpack introduces new limitations that prevent you from progressing too fast. For example, ores and items that you haven’t unlocked yet will be invisible and impossible to craft. As the game progresses, mobs will change as well.

Stone Age

The Stone Age introduces you to the modpack. Here you can expect simple crafting and rather weak mobs. To complete the Stone Age, you must build a Melter to process metal.

Bronze Age

In the Bronze Age you have access to copper and tin, from which you can produce bronze. In addition, slightly stronger mobs and magical elements await you. To leave the Bronze Age behind and head to the Middle Ages, you’ll need to build a Luminous Crafting Table.

Middle Ages

The dark Middle Ages offer you stronger mobs, such as the Endermen. You’ll have access to new ores such as iron, gold or lapis lazuli. The Middle Ages revolve around the discovery of the game world: to create the Coal Engine and complete the Middle Ages, you’ll need components that are scattered over large parts of the world.

Industrial Age

In the Industrial Age, you can find numerous new ores such as platinum or Redstone. To advance to the modern age, you’ll need to craft your first piece of plastic. This is an elaborate quest that requires the crafting of numerous other equipment and materials. At least no new mobs are added, so you can focus your energy on building your machines.

Modern Age

The Modern Age concludes with the moon landing and offers new ores such as cobalt. In this era, you’ll be able to visit The End. Complex equipment such as compressors or pneumatic mixers will be the fruits of your labor. Finally, if you have successfully built a rocket and shot it to the moon, the last ages in Minecraft SevTech: Ages await you.

Futuristic Age and Creative Age

The Futuristic Age transitions into the Creative Age once you’ve built the Ultimate Crafting Table. In addition to access to materials like diamond or uranium, new mobs a wait you in space, like the Evolved Creepers. Now, a large part of the game revolves around energy generation, for which you’ll have a variety of options, from solar panels to dragon eggs. You’ll also be able to explore the different planets of our solar system and discover valuable new resources.

Do you feel like going through human history from simple tools to magical dragon eggs that can stop climate change? SevTech: Ages is playable solo or on one of our online servers. We wish you a lot of fun and a spirit of discovery.

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