Minecraft Skywars

What’s better than beating up other players in Minecraft at lofty heights? Fight for aerial islands, obtain the best items or entrench yourself on your patch of earth. In Minecraft Skywars you can do all that, let off steam and prove your Minecraft combat skills!

You don’t have to take to the skies unprepared, we’ve created a little summary for you here.

What is Minecraft Skywars?

Skywars is a multiplayer game mode and is based on Minecraft Skyblock. The idea for Skywars came from the desire of some Skyblock players to compete for the title of “best Skyblock player”. For the competition held on Skyblock, they set up a set of rules for a fair competition.

The rules of Minecraft Skywars

So, what does Skywars look like in practice? The game is designed for up to eight players and everyone gets an island in lofty heights. There are some smaller chests to be found there, which will help you in the beginning. However, all the islands are connected to a main island in the middle of the map. This main island has a lot of very valuable chests with all kinds of useful stuff that every player wants.

That’s where the tactics start: Do you want to take the risk of recovering the valuable chests on the main island, even if the probability of meeting enemies (and dying) there is high? Or do you stay on your own island, barricade yourself in and set up traps and ambushes so that every attack ends fatally?

The first few minutes are crucial. Do you manage to quickly grab some good items on the main island and return to your own island? Whatever tactics you choose, your only goal is your own survival. The game ends only when there is only one player left.

Skywars Kits

It is possible to purchase kits for Skywars, which will help you get started in the game mode. Initially, players get the standard kit which includes an iron sword, iron pickaxe and iron axe.

If you kill a fellow player, you get 100 coins. If you win a match, even 500 coins.

There are a number of different kits with different focuses.

For example, the Mage Kit comes with potions for casting, the Tank Kit comes with an iron armor durability 10 and potion of fire resistance, and the Archer Kit comes with a bow and three arrows. Which kit you choose is entirely up to you and your play style!

Conclusion Minecraft Skywars

So, Skywars is a Minecraft battle royale set in the Skyblock air world. By killing other players and opening numerous chests, you survive and get enough coins to get new, better kits to enter the next game.Get ready for a fight and conquer the airspace for yourself! You can try your hand at Minecraft Skywars with your friends on one of GPORTAL’s Minecraft servers.

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