Minecraft Stoneblock 2

Minecraft only made of stone? Stoneblock 2 introduces itself!

Minecraft usually thrives on a large variety of different blocks and materials and their interaction. A radical counter-concept is the FTB Stoneblock mod, in which almost all materials are made only of stone, which poses great challenges to the player. We present to you: Minecraft FTB Stoneblock 2!

What is FTB Stoneblock 2?

As the name suggests, Stoneblock is not exactly new. There was already a Stoneblock mod, but it was improved and is now making a comeback. Players of skyblock will also know the principle: One type of material, in this case stone, dominates the whole world. This creates a lot of completely new challenges – but also possibilities.

The FTB Stoneblock 2 mod was, as the abbreviation “FTB” already signals, developed by the well-known “Feed the Beast” mod team.

What can I expect from Stoneblock 2?

The unusualness of the mod begins at the beginning, as you start in a stone underground room and have to find your way in this new, special world. For this, the small quest book helps you take the first steps.

The challenge of the game is to come to terms with the fact that almost everywhere there is only stone and that you have to use the few non-stone resources sparingly in order to succeed.

Stoneblock 2 features and advantages

However, the enormous advantages can be considered in many different ways. First of all, a simple advantage: Stones can be mined with hands in Stoneblock 2! This already simplifies a lot.

A stone workbench helps with the stone processing. The new mechanisms of the various new machines or tools do the rest.

Mining and Survival in Stoneblock 2

Of particular importance in this stone world is, of course, mining. This area is extremely distinctive and supported with a variety of machines and materials. A uranium-powered reactor will help you a lot in mining stones. An RFTools Builder will use energy to move all the rocks out of the way.

But even with these machines and the various tools, Minecraft FTB Stoneblock 2 is an ultimate survival test. If you’ve always wanted to interpret survival mode in a different way and love the challenge of getting by with few materials or the stone, Stoneblock 2 is the right (albeit rocky) path for you!

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