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Basic Serverconfiguration

How do I add mods to my game?

What would sandbox titles be without mods? That’s exactly why you can install a whole range of mods for Starbound to customize your gaming experience. We will explain in short and simple steps how exactly you have to proceed.

“Subscribe” to mods on Steam

Step 1 is that you need to subscribe to said mods directly on Steam first. This is done quickly and easily. Just go to the mod’s respective workshop page and click “Subscribe” there. Do this for every mod you want.

Download mods

After you have subscribed to all your favorite mods, you have to start Starbound at least once so that the subscribed mods will be downloaded. You will find all mods in the following folder:

  • C:/Steam/steamapps/workshop/content/211820/
    • The hard disk may vary depending on where you have installed your game

Install mods

If you have opened the path just mentioned, you will see many subfolders with digit combinations. Each of the folders contains a mod you subscribed to. The name of the folder corresponds to the WorkshopID of the mod. Now proceed as follows:

  • Open the first folder
  • Inside you will find a file named “contents.pak”
    • Rename this file
      • Example: WorkshopID.pak
      • This is important for later, so use a simple naming structure
  • Then copy the renamed file into a new folder (e.g. on your desktop)
  • Repeat these steps for all other mod folders and always copy the renamed file into the new folder you just used
  • Now copy all mods into the following directory:
    • Again, the hard drive may vary depending on where you installed your game

Hint Note that each player must have the exact same mods installed that are running on the server.

Upload mods to your server

Finally you have to upload the mods to your server. To do this, proceed as follows:

  • First stop your server
  • Now connect to your server via FTP
    • We recommend FileZilla as FTP tool
  • Upload the desired mods into the “mods“-directory on your server (right side in FileZilla)
  • After all mods have been transferred, start your server again

Have fun playing with the mods!