Subsistence, the sandbox PvE survival game from ColdGames, as you battle the seasons and other obstacles in an open world.

Basic Settings

How do I become an admin on my server?

In order for you to become an admin on your server, you will need to complete a few short steps. Depending on your server structure, you may like to act as an admin on your server.

  • Log in to your account
  • Open the web interface of your server
  • Set the server to “Offline” (turn it off)
  • Now click on the basic settings of your server
  • Scroll down until you find the item “Admin Password
  • Now enter the desired password

After you set the password in the web interface, start the game and proceed as follows:

  • Search for your server in the server list with the name you gave to your server
  • Type your admin password (not the server password) in the password field when you join your server

What if my server does not have a server password?

If you have created your server without a normal server password, no password window will be displayed when joining.

In this case, open the console in the game with the = key (equal sign) and enter the following command:

start <serverIp>:<port>?password=<adminPassword>

Here is an example to demonstrate:


Afterwards you will be automatically re-logged in as admin.