ARK Survival Evolved
Genre: Survival
Studio: Studio Wildcard
Publisher: Studio Wildcard
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Genre: Survival
Studio: Studio Wildcard
Publisher: Studio Wildcard

ARK Crystal Isles

Origin and release

ARK Crystal Isles, previously known as “ISO: Crystal Isles”, was first released in June 2020 and is a free DLC for ARK: Survival Evolved.

ARK Crystal Isles was previously lovingly created by the community, and then officially included in the game by developer Studio Wildcard. The map was originally developed by Isolde Gaming, Lillian and iSPEZZ.

Crystal Isles offers a completely new game experience for ARK fans, with many new biomes and monsters to discover.

ARK Crystal Isles Monsters

Like any ARK map, Crystal Isles offers a wide range of monsters to encounter everywhere. In total, there are over 150 different creatures on the map. Certain biomes are home to different monsters. So if you want to see all the monsters, you’ll have to take a good look around the map and visit all the areas.

Crystal Wyvern

As a special treat, the map also features a unique monster that can’t be found anywhere else: The Crystal Wyvern. This one can appear in three different variants: Tropical Crystal Wyvern, Ember Crystal Wyvern and Blood Crystal Wyvern.

Crystal Wyverns show different behaviors. Normally, however, they are rather passive and only react aggressively if the player acts aggressive towards them. The Heirs, on the other hand, are the exact opposite and will hunt down anything they come across.

You can usually tell what type of Wyvern you are dealing with by their color scheme. Blood Crystal Wyverns, for example, tend to be red, Ember Crystal Wyverns yellow, and Tropical Crystal Wyverns appear blue-white.

More interesting facts about Crystal Wyverns:

  • All varieties are tameable, rideable and can be bred
  • No saddle is needed for riding
  • Locations:
    • Blood Crystal Wyvern: Bloodfall’s Hallow
    • Ember Crystal Wyvern: Emberfall
    • Tropical Crystal Wyvern: The White Shoals
  • Each variant uses its own breath as an attack in battle
  • Crystal Wyverns are vulnerable to members of their own variant
  • They like to eat “Crystal” and “Primal Crystal”


There will be no lack of variety on the Crystal Isles. On an area of about 150km², the map offers heaps of different biomes or areas, ranging from snow-covered regions, beautiful jungle landscapes, waterfalls, rivers and lakes to tropical beaches. By the way, the map is about as big as “The Island”, “Scorched Earth” and “The Center” combined

Each of the biomes not only has a unique look, but also features different monsters and creatures as well as resources to be found. There are also some very special areas, such as a large collection of floating islands, a cave built like a beehive and an island surrounded by darkness and storms, to name just three examples.

Here we give you an overview of all the areas you can find on the map:

  • North west
    • The Great Forest North, The Great Forest North
  • North
    • Northland, Tundrafalls
  • North east
    • Eldritch Isle, Northern Islands
  • West
    • Bloodfall’s Hallow, Halcyon Plains, Lower Halcyon Plains
  • Central
    • Cooling Pond, Copper Peaks, Emberall, Fire Swamp, The Wetlands
  • East
    • Apotheosis, Central River
  • South west
    • The Tropics, The White Shoals
  • South
    • Central Oasis, Crook’s Canyon, Desert Savannah, Desert Wyvern Hive, Midland Savannah, Wander’s End, Wander’s Hope, Wander’s Tail
  • South east
    • The Great Valley
  • Others
    • Crystal Wyvern Queen Arena

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