Genre: Survival
Studio: Pocketpair
Publisher: Pocketpair
Rent a server
Rent a server
Genre: Survival
Studio: Pocketpair
Publisher: Pocketpair

How can I upload a savegame to my GPORTAL Palworld server?

First of all, you need a FTP tool. We recommend Filezilla, which you can download free from the Internet. HERE you can find more information on how to proceed and also a download link for the tool mentioned above.

Then proceed as follows:

  • Stop your server
  • Now start your FTP tool and connect to your server
    -> You can find the access data in the status tab on our web interface
  • You must then paste the savegame into the following directory on your server:

Important The folder A0036599 is unique for each player. In other words, it has a different combination of letters and numbers for you. The name of the folder MUST NOT BE CHANGED.

  • The following files must then be placed in “your” A0036599 folder:
    Players (folder)
    Level.sav (file)
    LevelMeta.sav (file)

Once you have done this, it should look something like this:

  • You can then start your server again and join it

When you start the game, you should see the initial animation. Skip this if necessary and you will end up exactly where you logged out before.

I suddenly have to create a new character, despite having uploaded a savegame. What can I do?

If you or any of the other players on your server experience this problem, don’t worry. There is a solution.

Important If the problem occurs, first create a new character as indicated and, ideally, give it the same name as your “old” character. You can also use a different name, but having the same name makes it easier.

Then proceed as follows:

  • After you (and possibly others) have created your character, enter the game world once and then log out
  • When everyone has done this, stop your server
  • Now download the following tool:
    JannikBirn / palworld-host-save-fix

Info Always download the latest version. The version in the screenshot below does NOT have to be up-to-date.

  • Click on the small arrow in front of “Assets” and then select the “.exe” file and download it
  • Now download your savegame folder (with the unique combination of letters and numbers) again from your server and create a backup of it to be on the safe side (in case something goes wrong in the next steps)
  • Then start the downloaded tool

Info Starting the tool and performing the actions in the tool sometimes takes quite a while. Please just let the tool run, even if it displays “Not responding” or similar

  • After the tool has started, click on “Browse” and navigate to your savegame folder, which you have just downloaded from the server and from which you have created a backup
  • Select and then open the Level.sav file in the folder
  • If this has worked, you will see two additional drop-down boxes
  • In the upper box, select your “old” character (i.e. the one you would like to play again)
  • In the lower box, select your “new” character, which you had to create on your server and ideally named the same
  • Then click on “Migrate” and accept the warning that is then displayed
  • Once the process is complete, the tool will either close or you will receive a message again, which you can simply confirm

Info If several people on your server have the problem with the character, you will have to repeat the steps for each of the characters.

  • Now upload the savegame folder back to your server and then start your server
  • When you log in now, you should spawn with your “old” character

Have fun with your Palworld server!

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