Project Zomboid
Genre: Zombie-Survival-Horror
Studio: The Indie Stone
Publisher: The Indie Stone
Rent a server
Rent a server
Genre: Zombie-Survival-Horror
Studio: The Indie Stone
Publisher: The Indie Stone

How do I become a server admin on my Project Zomboid server?

In order to become an admin on your server, you only need to follow a few steps, which we will show you below.

  • Log in to your account
  • Open the web interface of your server
  • Set the server to “Offline” (turn it off)
  • Now click on the basic settings of your server
  • Scroll down until you find the item “Admin Password
  • Now enter the desired password
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After setting the password in the web interface, log in to your Project Zomboid server and follow the steps below:

  • Instead of your usual username, enter “admin” (without quotes and all in small letters)
  • As password use the one you have set in the web interface before

And that was it. Now you should be able to use the admin commands on your server.

Below we give you an overview of all admin commands you can use now.

General admin commands

additemGives an item to the certain player/additem “user” “module.item”
addvehicleSpawns a vehicle/addvehicle “user”
addxpGives XP to a certain player/addxp “user” “perk=XP”
alarmSounds an alarm at the admin’s position (player must be in a room)/alarm
changeoptionChanges a server option/changeoption option=”newOption”
chopperPlaces a helicopter event on a random player/chopper
changepwdChanges your password/changepwd “pwd” “newPwd”
createhordeSpawns a horde near a certain player/createhorde “number”
godmodeMakes a player invincible/godmode “user”
gunshotMakes a gunshot noise near a player/gunshot
helpShows the help menu/help
invisibleMakes a certain player invisible to zombies/invisible “user”
noclipAllows a certain player to pass through solid objects /noclip “user”
quitSaves and quits the server/quit
releasesafehouseReleases a safehouse you currenctly own/releasesafehouse
reloadoptionsReloads server options/reloadoptions
replayRecords and plays a replay for a player/replay “user” -record “filename”
/replay “user” -play “filename”
/replay “user” -stop “filename”
saveSaves the current world/save
sendpulseToggles sending server performance info to the client/sendpulse
showoptionsShows a list of current server options and their values/showoptions
Starts and stops rain/start rain
/stop rain
teleportTeleports to a certain player/teleport “toUser”
/teleport “user” “toUser”
teleporttoTeleports to certain coordinates/teleportto x,y,z

Moderation commands

addalltowhitelistAdds all current users connected with a password to the whitelist/addalltowhitelist
adduserAdds a new user to the whitelist/adduser “user” “pwd”
Adds or removes a single user connected with a password to the whitelist/addusertowhitelist “user”
Bans or unbans a Steam ID /banid “SteamID”
/unbanid “SteamID”
Bans or unbans a user/ban “user”
/unban “user”
Gives or removes admin rights to a user/grantadmin “user”
/removeadmin “user”
kickuser Kicks a user from the server/kickuser “user”
players Lists all currently connected players/players
servermsg Broadcast a message to all currently players/servermsg “message”
setaccesslevel Set the access or permission level of a player/setaccesslevel “user” “admin”
/setaccesslevel “user” “moderator”
/setaccesslevel “user” “overseer”
/setaccesslevel “user” “gm”
/setaccesslevel “user” “observer”
voicebanBan a user from using the voice chat/voiceban “user” [-true | -false]

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