Icarus is a PvE survival game for up to 8 players trying to survive in a wilderness after a terraforming experiment goes wrong.

Basic Server Settings

How do I become an admin on my server?

As an admin you have more extensive possibilities on your server. For example, you can enter certain commands (e.g. kicking players) directly via the ingame console.

Follow these steps to become a server admin on your server:

  • Log in on our website with your account
  • Click on “My servers” on the left
  • Now select “Basic settings”
  • In the middle of the screen you will see “Settings” and a little bit further down the item “Admin password”
  • Enter the desired admin password and click on “Save” in the upper right corner.

Now start the game normally. Open the in-game console during the game. Then type the following command there:

/AdminLogin password123456789

-> password123456789 should be replaced by the admin password you have previously set on our web interface.

Advanced server settings

How do I upload a save game to my Icarus server?

As usual, you can easily upload a savegame to your server via an FTP connection. For said FTP connection, we recommend using Filezilla.

Proceed as follows:

  • First stop your server via the webinterface
    -> If you now click on “Status” on the left side, you will see your FTP login data
  • Now connect to the FTP server and enter your login data
  • Add your savegames to the server under the following path (right side):
    Note: The ConfigID is a unique number.
  • After you have inserted the save game, start your server.

Have fun!