Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Rent a server
Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft Anarchy Server

You don’t really like game rules? Or you just want to try everything that’s possible in Minecraft? A Minecraft Anarchy Server is complete chaos – and maybe your best option to experience the game without any rules at all.

Minecraft Anarchy Overview

  • Server without rules and without an active administrator
  • Looting, murdering each other, insulting in chat and cheating are allowed
  • Oldest Minecraft server is an anarchy server: B2T2
  • Suitable for experienced Minecraft survivors with a thick skin

What is a Anarchy Server

Minecraft Anarchy is basically a server without rules. Players can do whatever they want without being banned. Even the use of cheats and players fighting each other is allowed. These “no rules” servers are called anarchy servers and are practically open survival servers. Due to the lack of rules, these servers are completely chaotic and extremely difficult. Players who enter these worlds have a high probability of dying quickly, being robbed or hacked.

Moreover, there are not rules for chat and players can curse, insult and abuse each other. If you don’t have a thick skin, a Minecraft anarchy server is rather not for you.

Popular Minecraft Anarchy Servers

There are various anarchy servers for Minecraft. We‘ve listed some popular servers for you:

  • 2B2T
  • MC Prison
  • Purple Prison
  • Minewind
  • Purity Vanilla
  • 9B9T

The case B2T2

The anarchy server 2builders2tools, or B2T2 for short, takes a special role. It is one of the oldest Minecraft servers, founded in 2010 and never updated since. At the same time, this server is probably the worst of all Minecraft servers. It is often described as Minecraft hell and, for newbies, virtually a field of death.

The world is terribly destroyed, especially the area around the spawn point. Here, the area has been made hostile to life: Without resources, but with lava walls, traps and all tricks to kill newcomers. The server and its participants are often called “toxic”, yet this sinister side of Minecraft has many followers. There is a very long queue at B2T2 and other anarchy servers are also very popular.

As with most anarchy servers, the server host remains mostly very passive, though the admin “Hausemaster” on B2T2 does occasionally intervene.

Why play Minecraft on anarchy servers?

Whether it’s the allure of freedom, the fascination with the all-possible, or the craziness of chaos that draws players to anarchy servers: Proving yourself in such an environment is the ultimate survival test for any Minecraft player. However, the question arises whether you want to surround yourself with hackers, cheaters, and people who insult you or hunt you down out of pure glee. In any case, you should plan for a correspondingly large pack of frustration and aggression. If you’re still enthusiastic about it after all that, you should try out a Minecraft Anarchy server. Or you can get a Minecraft server from G-Portal and simply call out the anarchy yourself.

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