Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft SkyFactory 3

The Minecraft modpack “FTB Skyfactory 3” is the third of four versions of the popular SkyFactory mod so far. Despite the successful successor version, SkyFactory 3 is considered a Minecraft classic and still enjoys great popularity. Learn more about the Minecraft mod now!

Minecraft SkyFactory 3 Overview

  • Skyfactory concept is a Minecraft world “in the sky”.
  • Meanwhile there are 4 versions (as of 2021)
  • Counts to the challenging mods because of its sparse resources

What is Minecraft SkyFactory?

The Skyfactory concept is a Minecraft world “in the sky”. You start with a small patch of earth and a tree, which serve as a starting base. The player must use these limited resources wisely and decide what exactly to use them for. After the course of the game you can expand your platform and create an “airy world”.

How many versions of SkyFactory are there?

Skyfactory now has four versions (as of 2021):

Skyfactory consists of many individual modules with high technologies and automations. This is very important in Skyfactory, because there is rarely enough space to cultivate large fields. In addition, there is the possibility to travel around with an airship. Therefore, the many processes are designed for automation, as they cannot be done in persona permanently.

First versions of SkyFactory, for example, did not offer a view of other, surrounding sky islands. The more recent version, SkyFactory 4, offers new features such as “resource pigs” and new building options, but some players find the third version more rounded and challenging overall. You can read more about SkyFactory 4 in our article Minecraft SkyFactory 4.

Where does the idea behind SkyFactory come from?

Skyfactory was predominantly developed by Bacon_Donut and Darkosto. Bacon_Donut is a streamer, Minecraft developer and co-founder of the network “N3RDFUSION” (a Twitch live video games group based in Seattle/Washington).

His product (Skyfactory) was uploaded and released via the well-known mod developers of “Feed the Beast/FTB”. For this reason, the modpacket also carries their FTB abbreviation in its name.

How is the SkyFactory 3 gaming experience?

As mentioned at the beginning, the game begins with a small area and a single tree. The art, or challenge, is to create a variety of new materials from the sparse materials. What exactly leads to which new material and how is part of the art and fascination in Skyfactory. Beware of the edge: At the edge of the Sky Block you have to be especially careful, because resources can fall into the abyss and are lost – as well as your character!

Of course, a textbook helps the player. But who knows that seeds and rocks can be sifted out of earth to be hammered into gravel as well as sand and finally crushed into dust? Who knows that the dust in turn can be mixed with water to make clay, which in turn can be made into new things? You see, at Skyblock, there is joy in combining and trying things out.

Understanding these combinations and relationships determines your progress in the game, which makes Skyfactory one of Minecraft’s more challenging mod packages.

Technologically, you can expect highly automated facilities with electrical lines. Nuclear reactors, jetpacks and much more will make your everyday life in your sky world easier over time.

Challenge: Will I become part of the big picture myself?

While the first automation plant may seem like a bonanza at first, as it grows, the upkeep and operation of the machines becomes a “chore on the side.” Of course, this can be combated with even more automation. However, this increases the danger of getting lost in all the plant structures and ultimately becoming just a small part of a large, fully automated environment.

Is it possible to draw evolutionary comparisons here? The concept of a resource-scarce start, with a small patch of earth and a tree, where you laboriously collect seeds and little stones, to a fully automated sky world, where you yourself are actually only a part of the overall process, has clear parallels there. Maybe this is intentional – but find out for yourself.

Try the SkyFactory mod here at G-Portal Minecraft Server.

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