Genre: Survival
Studio: Facepunch Studios
Publisher: Facepunch Studios
Rent a server
Rent a server
Genre: Survival
Studio: Facepunch Studios
Publisher: Facepunch Studios

Overview of admin commands for your RUST server

Admins have more extensive authorizations on your server. This includes admin commands in particular, which can have various effects on the server.

Below is a brief overview of the most important admin commands that you should know.

The list is not 100% complete, but we don’t want to overwhelm you with unnecessary information that you wouldn’t need in most cases anyway.

admin.mutevoice “player”Player name / Steam 64 IDMute a player from speaking in-game
admin.unmutevoice “player”Player name / Steam 64 IDUnmute a player to speak in-game
admin.mutechat “player”Player name / Steam 64 IDBlock a player from sending messages via in-game chat
admin.unmutechat “player”Player name / Steam 64 IDUnblock a player to send messages via in-game chat
chat.say “text”String (text)Shows your text in the chat
craft.add [id]Item IDAdd an item to your crafting queue
craft.cancel [id]Item IDCancel the crafting task of the named item
craft.canceltask Cancel the item that is currently in the process of being crafted
entity.debug_lookat Enable debug-mode for the object you are looking at
entity.find_entity [entity]Object nameFind the position of all objects with the provided name
entity.find_group [entity_group]Object group nameFind the position of all object groups with the given name
entity.find_id [id]Object IDFind the position of an object with the given ID
entity.find_parent Find the position of all parent objects
entity.find_radius [radius]Value (radius)Find the position of all objects within the given radius
entity.find_self Find the position of the player (yourself)
entity.find_status [status]Object statusFind an object with the given status
entity.spawn [entity]Object nameSpawn an object at the place you are looking at
entity.spawnat [entity] [worldPos]Object name / positionSpawn an object at a specified position in the game world
entity.spawnhere [entity] [distance]Entity name / value (distance)Spawn an object nearby at the given distance away from the player
entity.spawnitem [entity]Object nameSpawn an item in the game world
env.addtime 0-24Value between 0-24Fast-forward time by a given number of hours
gc.collect Collect the garbage dump
global.ban “player” “reason”Player nameBan a player from the game
global.banid “player” “reason”Steam 64 IDBan a player from the game using the Steam 64 ID
global.banlist Display a list of banned users
global.banlistex Display a list of banned users with additional infos
global.kick “player”Player name / Steam 64 IDKick a player from your server
global.kickall “reason” Kick everyone from your server
global.listid Display a list of banned users by ID
global.moderatorid “id”Steam 64 IDPromote a player to server moderator
global.ownerid “id”Steam 64 IDPromote a player to server owner
global.players Display currently connected players
global.quit() Leave the game
global.removemoderator “id”Steam 64 IDRemove a moderator
global.removeowner “id”Steam 64 IDRemove an owner
global.restart Restart the server (300 seconds warning, 5 second intervals)
global.say “text”String (text)Send a message to all players in the ingame chat
global.status Print out currently connected players and server stats
global.unban “id”Steam 64 IDUnban a player from your server
global.users() Shows user info for players on your server
server.readcfg Load server configuration Force to create a save-game
server.start Starts a server
server.stop Stops a server
server.writecfg Save all configuration changes
weather.rain [value]Value between 0 – 1.0
0 = no rain
1.0 = always rain
Set the rain frequency factor for your server

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