All Valheim consoles and cheat commands

Note The console can be opened with F5 and there you can type “help” to get the list of all commands. Before accessing the console, make sure to activate it in the startparametres of your game in STEAM with -console

Server admin commands for Valheim

helpShows a list of all commands
kick [name/ip/userID] Kicks the user
ban [name/ip/userID] Bans the user
unban [ip/userID] Unbans the user
banned Shows a list of banned users
ping Sends a ping to the server to get your latency
Sets level of detail (LOD) to distance, set to 1.5 by default
info Prints system info as PDF

Cheat commands for Valheim (Singleplayer only)

Important Cheats do NOT work on the servers just in single player.

Note Open the console with F5 and type “imacheater“, now you can use cheats in singleplayer

helpShows a list of all cheats
god Enables god mode
pos Prints current player position
goto [x,z]Teleportation
killallKills nearby enemies
exploremap Explores entire map
resetmap Resets map exploration
tameTames all tameable creatures nearby
locationSets spawn location
Freefly photo mode
ffsmoothFreefly smoothness
event [name]Starts event
stopeventStops current event
randomeventStarts random event
raiseskill [skill] [amount]Raises skill level
resetcharacter Resets character data
saveForce-saving of world
removedropsRemoves all item drops in area
players [nr] Forces difficulty scale (0 = Reset)
wind [angle][intensity] Sets up wind
resetwindResets wind

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