Genre: Survival RP
Studio: Iron Gate AB
Publisher: Iron Gate AB, Coffee Stain Studios, Coffee Stain Publishing
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Rent a server
Genre: Survival RP
Studio: Iron Gate AB
Publisher: Iron Gate AB, Coffee Stain Studios, Coffee Stain Publishing

Valheim – “Hearth & Home” update

The long-awaited Valheim “Hearth & Home” update is just around the corner, and we’d like to give you a simple overview of the changes and new features so that you can start discovering them right away.

Reworking the food system

Meals will be divided into 3 new categories as part of the update. These allow you to customize your meal according to your current activity. For example, if you are in the process of expanding your home, then it might make sense to eat a meal that generates a lot of stamina. In combat, on the other hand, a large amount of health might be more helpful. You can determine the type of meal by a small, colored icon in your inventory.

  • red – grants mainly health points, but only little stamina
  • yellow – grants mainly stamina, but only little health points
  • white – grants a balanced amount of health and stamina

By the way, the food bar on the left side has also disappeared. Instead, you’ll now see a timer on your buff that tells you how long the buff will continue. If half of the duration has expired, the icons will start to blink slightly, so that you remember to stock up on new food.

Meat, meat and more meat

The raw meat that can be obtained in the game world is now also divided into new categories depending on the animal it was harvested from (bear, deer, wolf). In addition, you can now grow onions, which give you completely new options for recipes. After all, no one wants the same meal all the time, right?

Would you like some bread with your cake?

There is another adjustment for bread and cake. Both now have to be baked before you can eat them. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Who wants to eat raw bread dough when warm, freshly baked bread is so much tastier? Yummy!

Cooking like a pro

And to make sure all that cooking and baking works better than ever, you can now upgrade your cooking station accordingly, much like you can with the rest of your manufacturing areas. What will it be – new pots and pans or perhaps a butcher’s table? And if, despite careful cooking, your food doesn’t turn out well (or you just want to quickly switch to another buff), you now have the option of consuming a berry to help you “think through” your food intake one more time. *burp*

Importance of life points and stamina

Because of the changes to meals, we also need to briefly talk about health and stamina in general, specifically in relation to combat. Depending on what your play style is – more head on or perhaps defensive – there are a few points you should keep in mind.

If you want to cause as much damage as possible, you should focus on a high stamina, which you can achieve with corresponding stamina meals (yellow). This will allow you to strike more often. However, if you want to keep enemies away from your friends on the front line with a shield, it’s better to go for food with a health buff (red), since your block ability now scales with the maximum health points. In short, the more health points you have, the longer you can face and hold off incoming hordes of enemies.

Finally, it should be mentioned that your health points also affect the new “Stagger” meter, which can be found to the right of your character. As soon as it’s full, you’ll stagger and be defenseless for a moment. With more health points, you can last longer accordingly.

Shields – and the size is important after all

Vikings love their shields and that’s exactly why the developers have made some changes here as well, to tie the choice of shield to your play style. Shields are divided into 3 categories with this update: bucklers, round shields and tower shields.

Small bucklers offer little protection, but let you parry attacks and therefore strike back faster.

The round shields remain a balanced choice between defense and attack for most fighters.

The massive tower shield, on the other hand, is the first choice for all tanks, which take the hits right at the front. They also offer unparalleled protection due to better knockback of enemies.

Additional changes

  • new components to further enhance and customize your home
  • Gold coins can now be stacked into a visible pile
  • Treasure chests, so you can safely store your materials and treasures
  • Iron grids to further secure treasure chests or treasures … or maybe to catch a dwarf or two …

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