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Genre: Simulation
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Genre: Simulation
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Farming Simulator 22: Release Date and news

Farming Simulator 22 Release

Soon it will be here: The new Farming Simulator 22! Here you‘ll find out which new features will await you in the fields.

The Farming Simulator 22 Release at a glance:

  • FS 22 Release date: 22.11.2021
  • Available for PC, PS4 and PS5, Xbox One and Series X/S and Mac
  • New varieties (grapes, millet and olives)
  • New possibilities in character creation
  • Seasons and a processing production
  • New sounds, brands and maps

When will Farming Simulator 22 be released?

Many have been eagerly awaiting it for quite some time: The Farming Simulator 22 is on its way to us! After Giants already decided to not release a Farming Simulator 21 in 2020 (which is usually released for odd years), the new Farming Simulator 22 awaits us this year instead. Official release date is on November 22, 2021!

The reason for the delay was probably that the developers wanted to take more time to implement fan suggestions and adjust to the new console generation (Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X/S).

From July 21 – July 23, 2021, there will be a first gameplay of the new Farming Simulator 22 at FarmCon. The world premiere will run on July 22, 2021 (8 pm) via the Twitch channel of Giants. There you can get your first impressions of the new Farming Simulator 22 and experience all the innovations directly in the game.

What changes can we expect in Farming Simulator 22?

Giants has taken its time and made a lot of changes. So, what will we be able to experience in Farming Simulator 22?

For which platforms will Farming Simulator 22 be released?

Farming Simulator 22 will be available for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S as well as Mac and Stadia. Crossplay has not been confirmed or denied yet.

What new varieties will be in Farming Simulator 22?

Grapes will be introduced as a new fruit variety. In addition, there will be full harvesting machines and other accessories. Although the grapes can be harvested, they cannot be processed into wine.

Olives and millet are two other new crops that will grace our fields soon.

Will there be seasons?

Yes, the trailer and some screenshots confirm the four seasons in Farming Simulator 22. The changes – whether through the color of the trees, soil texture or weather characteristics – will take the realism of farming in Farming Simulator 22 to a whole new level.

Character creation: what new options do we have?

The pre-released screenshots reveal many new options regarding character design. Hair, shapes and colors – a whole range of new customization options seems to await us!

AI vehicles and helpers will become smarter and more reliable. At this point, it’s still unclear, if there will multiple generations or not.

Production and processing… a possibility?

The new Farming Simulator 22 gives us a very special gift with the ability to further process raw materials. A long-awaited feature thus finally moves into the world of Farming Simulator! If you grow and harvest wheat, you can take it to a mill and then deliver it to a bakery, which will use it to make bread and cakes. Such production chains will exist for several raw materials. This will make Farming Simulator 22 a livelier and more multi-layered world than ever. It may be even possible to influence the final product through certain ingredient combinations. Deliveries can either be done by yourself or by the AI for a small fee.

However, this feature remains optional: if you’re not interested in dealing with supply chains and factories, you can ignore them altogether and pursue the traditional planting and harvesting activities as a farmer. So, whether you want to trade raw produce or finished products, Farming Simulator 22 leaves you the freedom of choice.

Will there be new sounds in Farming Simulator 22?

It is certain that there will be new sounds, especially for the engines of vehicles. What other noises and sounds will be added, is not yet known.

Which maps will be available?

The map “Elm Creek” has been confirmed, which is located in the Midwest of the US and comes with regionally typical surroundings, buildings and vehicles.

There is no confirmed information about the European maps yet, but the hints point to a Mediterranean country.

Which new vehicle brands await us in Farming Simulator 22?

There will be many new vehicles in Farming Simulator 22, so only a short excerpt can be presented here. In tractors, for example, we can expect the Fendt 930 Vario, the John Deere 9R or the Massey Ferguson 8S.

In the combine harvester section, Farming Simulator 22 awaits us with the John Deere X9 and the New Holland CH 770. As a grape harvester, the New Holland 9070L is at our disposal.

The MACK Super-Liner truck represents one of the highlights of the new vehicle selection and is also a premiere for the MACK brand in Farming Simulator.

Is there a farm workshop in Farming Simulator 22?

Based on the material released by now, fans of Farming Simulator are speculating about whether there could be a farm workshop. So far, it is not possible to say anything more precise about this. So, we will probably have to wait and see until November.

As you see, you can expect a lot of new content in the new Farming Simulator 22! We are looking forward to the new features and their implementation and can hardly wait for November. Until then, we enjoy our last rounds in Farm Sim 19 and harvest as much as possible!

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Update to Farming Simulator 22 release and lastest features

At FarmCon 2021 (July 21-23, 2021), the first gameplay of the new Farming Simulator 22 was presented and then hotly discussed. The team from gaming publisher GIANTS has taken the feedback from the Farming Sim community to heart and rolled up their sleeves before the release. What’s new:

Crossplay – the new Gameplay Feature

There was a lot of cheering when it was announced that FS 22 would also include a new gameplay feature for multiplayer. Now you can farm with your farming friends via crossplay, regardless of the platform. More details about the crossplay feature can be found in our article “Farming Simulator Crossplay“.

Time dimension in Farming Sim 22

The idea that a day in the game corresponds to a month, and thus you have reached a year after 12 days, was not bad thought at the beginning, but this makes the further gameplay in Farming Sim 22 more difficult. Now you can choose variable days in the settings and thus set a month with up to 28 days in the new Farming Simulator.

Improved graphics in Farming Simulator

In past versions Farm Sim 17 or Farm Sim 19, it sometimes seemed as if the tractor was hovering over the ground. Thanks to refined graphics and new shadow elements, your tractor won’t float anymore, but will drive over the ground in a very down-to-earth way. 

The ground textures have also been enhanced with Parallax Occlusion Mapping: If your field is plowed first and then cultivated, a different texture appears than before. After harvesting the field, you can see the work you’ve done through the remaining plant stubble and the changed soil texture.

New maps in Farming Simulator 22

Shortly before the release it was announced that there are now three new maps. Two of them, Elmcreek and Haut-Beyleron, will be presented here. The third map will most likely be a revised version of the alpine landscape of Erlengrat.

Erlengrat – Alpine mountain landscape

Those of you who have already diligently plowed with Farm Sim 19 know the alpine map of Erlengrat. With the Farming Simulator 22 release, the map has been expanded and refined. Inspired by the picturesque alpine region, you can explore many new things on the Erlengrat map. From stations and train lines that crisscross the landscape to objects that are only visible at certain times of the year. Especially in winter, the landscape turns into a winter wonderland with lots of snow.

Elmcreek – Off to North America

GIANT announced three new maps for the Farming Simulator 22 release. It was already known for a while that there will be the map “Elmcreek”, which is borrowed from the landscape in the Midwest of the USA. The gentle hilly landscape provides for variety. In addition, there is a typical American baseball stadium, railroad underpasses, clear lakes and small streams create an atmospheric ambiance. With your tractor you can chug along the typical highways of North America and enjoy the seasonal landscape. The spacious lands and the extensive farm area give you enough room to expand and enlarge. A whopping 81 fields await you in Elmcreek from Farming Sim 22, and there are also many new things to discover, such as a rocky gorge or a hidden cave.

Haut-Beyleron – Inspired by the South of France

Get the south on your screen now and harvest your crops on sun-drenched vineyards. The Farming Simulator 22 map inspired by the South of France comes new with the release. 

After your work is done, you have time to explore the landscape in detail: old castles, houseboats, an observatory and small villages invite you to linger. Drive along cypress avenues and enjoy the view from the hills over the picturesque landscape in Farming Sim 22. The map offers you 48 different fields.

Hardworking helpers: bees

With Farming Simulator 22 comes a new gameplay feature: the bees. The insects not only bring you honey, but can also serve to increase yields in the field. Strategically placed next to potato, sunflower or rapeseed fields, the bees ensure that you get more yields in the harvest. The exact numbers will only be known at the time of release. You can increase your farm’s cash with the honey you earn. 

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