ARK: Survival Evolved
Genre: Survival
Studio: Studio Wildcard
Publisher: Studio Wildcard
Rent a server
Rent a server
Genre: Survival
Studio: Studio Wildcard
Publisher: Studio Wildcard

Game saves from official ARK: SE servers

We offer you the possibility to upload your save from official ARK: SE servers to a GPORTAL ARK server.

Important This is only possible for PC saves, since an FTP connection is required for uploading and this is not possible on consoles.

Step 1: Downloading your savegame

The savegames for the official servers can be downloaded HERE. Just select the right choice for you in the selection fields below (see screenshot). On the page you will also find more information and details.

Step 2: Upload your savegame

After you have downloaded your savegame, you basically do the same as with any savegame you want to upload to a GPORTAL server. You can find an exact procedure HERE.

Important Note that the official saves are VERY large and uploading via FTP can take much longer than you are used to with private saves.

Step 3: Enable the option for official savegames

After you have uploaded the savegame to your server via FTP, you have to activate the corresponding option in the basic settings of your GPORTAL server.

Important Don’t forget that you also need to select the correct map in the basic settings so that it matches the map from the savegame.

Additional hints

  • If you already have an ARK server, you do not need a new server to use official savegames
  • Your ARK server must have at least 20 slots to be able to use an official savegame on it (you can add more slots if needed)
    • The reason for this is that the official savegames need much more RAM
    • If you use less than 20 slots, you won’t see the above option to activate the official savegames
  • Please be patient during the upload of the official savegame via FTP until the process is really finished to avoid possible errors
    • You can see how many files still need to be uploaded at the bottom left of the Filezilla window
  • Also note that on official servers you will probably see many other buildings and objects from “other players” who were also active on the server
    • You can NOT simply destroy, remove or even loot crates, player’s dinosaurs will attack you if you try to do so

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