Sons of the Forest
Genre: Survival-Horror
Studio: Endnight Games
Publisher: Newnight
Rent a server
Rent a server
Genre: Survival-Horror
Studio: Endnight Games
Publisher: Newnight

How do I find my multiplayer savegame in Sons of the Forest?

For various reasons, it can be helpful if you know where you can find your Sons of the Forest savegame. You can share this savegame with others who want to play with a different “host”.

Where can I find my savegame?

Proceed as follows:

  • You can find your savegame locally on your PC under the following path (if you used the default installation path):
  • Here you will see a folder with a long number combination, which you open
  • In this folder you will find 3 subfolders named Singleplayer, Multiplayer and MultiplayerClient
  • In the Multiplayer folder you will find the scores of the sessions in which you were the host (i.e. you opened the round)

So now if another player from your group wants to play with another host, you can share your save with that player.

How do I share the savegame?

Depending on how many saves you have created, you may find a number of subfolders in the Multiplayer folder. Use the sorting by modified date in the main folder to find the current savegame.

So once you have found the folder you want, you can simply copy it and share it with the other player via any data connection (i.e. send it to them).

The user only has to add this folder to his Multiplayer folder under the path mentioned above (if the default path was selected) and can then load the corresponding game state ingame.

Restore inventory

Adding the save game to another player will cause the player to carry your previously used inventory and not their own that they were used to. Since the player is using your save, this is only logical.

But there is an easy way to change this. The receiver of your save has to look in the MultiplayerClient folder. There lie all the saves for which he was not the host.

Now he should search for the savegame that corresponds to the time and date that you sent him. With sorting by modified date this should not be too difficult to find.

The following files must now be copied:

  • PlayerArmourSystemSaveData
  • PlayerClothingSystemSaveData
  • PlayerInventorySaveData
  • PlayerRetrieveDroppedInventoryActionSaveData
  • PlayerStateSaveData

These contain all the info about the inventory. The data must be copied and then pasted into the savegame folder you sent before. Simply overwrite the existing files and that’s it.

Of course, this procedure also works the other way around. So if you want to play with another host, then the host you have played with so far must send you the savegame and you must then replace the inventory files.

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