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Genre: Open-World-Survival
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Unban players in Minecraft

Are you a server host and have one or more players misbehaving? To get these players off your server, you can ban and unban players in Minecraft. Everything you need to know about banning and unbanning players can be found here!

There are black sheep everywhere. One minute you’re on a Minecraft adventure with your friends and the next minute a griefer is giving you a hard time or a troll is trying to provoke you with chat messages. To create a pleasant gaming atmosphere for you and your fellow players, it may be necessary to ban someone from your server from time to time.

Banning players in Minecraft

To ban a player, you as the host can either block the player’s name (username) or their IP address. The player will then no longer be able to access your server and will only receive an error message when trying. For this you only need a few simple commands. You can find them here.

Minecraft ban player name

To ban a player by player name, just type “/ban” and the player name in the in-game chat window. As an example, let’s take the fictional player name “Rocky” and kick him off our server.

The command for the chat window would then be:

/ban Rocky

To ban a player from the console, for example, a simple “ban “+player name is sufficient. In our example it would be:

ban Rocky

Minecraft ban IP address

Blocking an IP from a player works basically the same way as with the player name. If you ban an IP address, no player will be able to join your server through it. You can enter the IP address or the player name. In the latter case, only the IP address of the player is blocked, but not his name. Instead of “/ban”, you’ll need to enter “/ban-ip”.

In the chat window, type:

/ban-ip Rocky

In the console, the command is:

ban-ip Rocky

Minecraft banlist

To see the list of all banned players, simply type “/banlist players” (or “banlist players”). This way you can keep track of which players you have banned. You can also see the banned IP addresses by typing “/banlist ips”.

Unban Minecraft players

To unban players, the command “/pardon”(+player name) is used. In in-game chat, it would look like this in our example:

/pardon Rocky

In the console you can omit the “/” as usual:

pardon Rocky

To unlock IP-blocked players the same command is used, but with the appendix “-ip”. This would look like this:

/pardon-ip Rocky


pardon-ip Rocky

Now you know all the essentials about banning and unbanning players in Minecraft. By the way, changing the name doesn’t change the ban. Now that you know how to keep order on a server, try your hand at creating your own Minecraft server at G-Portal.

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