My Valheim server does not start anymore!

In Valheim, just like in any other game, it can happen that a savegame becomes corrupted or a server no longer starts. We generally recommend creating regular backups, which is unfortunately often forgotten.

Important:Before making changes on the savegame, please create a backup!

Once you open your stopped Valheim server via the FTP Connection, you will see your savegame files in the /save/worlds folder:


Now you will see two more files with the extension .old:


This is a small backup of your savegame. If your server does not start anymore you can delete the .db and .fwl files and remove the extension .old from the two other files. This is how you load these savegames.

Unfortunately, we cannot promise that you can use it to repair your savegame or that your server will start again, but it is worth a try! If it does not work, feel free to contact our support here. We look forward to getting your ticket!

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