Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft OptiFine

OptiFine is a Minecraft mod, designed to improve frame rates (FPS) and thus guarantee a “softer” and sharper view. In addition, the graphics settings are generally refined by the mod, which makes it exceedingly popular among Minecraft players.

Short overview for OptiFine

  • Optimization mod for Minecraft: graphics, FPS and shaders.
  • In addition, faster gameplay and smoother gameplay
  • Installation via launcher or forge

What can OptiFine do?

The OptiFine mod primarily improves the appearance of the Minecraft world. Say, it affects the frame rate/frames per second (FPS) and increases the possibilities to improve the graphics. In addition, it includes a shader mod and you can zoom in (usually the C key).

Shaders make the game look much more realistic and creates, for example, depth, better lighting or the waving of grass in the wind.

Furthermore, OptiFine manages to make Minecraft run much better. This concerns not only speed, but also “fluid” play and processing.

Install OptiFine

In principle, the standard version from 1.2.5 is the same everywhere and is also used in unison for the following versions. Everything before 1.2.5 is a bit older and much more complex. Also, because until before 1.2.5 OptiFine is still composed of many smaller mods and there was no unified merge.

Download and install OptiFine

OptiFine can be downloaded either with the game launcher itself, or via Forge. Both ways lead to the same goal and are presented here.

  1. Downloading with the Minecraft Launcher
    1. go to the OptiFine page and download the version for your current Minecraft version (you can see your current version at the bottom left of your Minecraft Launcher)
    2. skip the ads and accept the .jar file
    3. double click on the folder (or open it regularly) and click “install” on OptiFine Launcher
    4. now return to the launcher, OptiFine should show up pre-installed at the bottom.
  2. Download with Forge
    1. follow steps 1+2 as for the installation via the launcher (A)
    2. instead of clicking on install in the OptiFine folder, click on the “” button. Now you can select the installation location of OptiFine in a new window.
    3. Go to the “shaderpacks” folder and open it.
    4. then click on “extract” instead of install. Done: Now you have OptiFine installed as a mod.

OptiFine Cape

You always wanted to race through Minecraft like a superhero with a cape? With OptiFine you have the opportunity. By donating to the OptiFine developers, you will receive a cape for your character. Via the OptiFine website and your Minecraft login you can configure your cape or use the banner generator.

Conclusion Minecraft OptiFine

If you want smoother, better and nicer graphics and also improved game performance Minecraft OptiFine is your mod! Installing it is easy and it comes with the default OptiFine mod for every new version (1.2.5 and above).

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