Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Welcome to the Twilight Forest

Yet another mod, yet another realm. That is correct: there was a new realm or dimension introduced to the game with the twilight forest mod. This realm is fairytale like, with a dim light, or twilight, permeating throughout. This truly magical place also offers many other things. From new blocks, plants and items to biomes and mobs: a true adventurer will find this place to be spectacular. And the best part? It gets updated to the latest game version continuously. So let’s get right into the depths of the twilight forest!

Overview Minecraft Twilight Forest:

  • adds a new dimension 
  • accessible via portal
  • 11 new biomes
  • 8 new mob bosses

Crafting the Minecraft Twilight Forest Portal

Creating a portal to the twilight forest realm in Minecraft is an intriguing process that adds a touch of magic to the game. Here’s a detailed guide on how to craft this portal. First of all, you’ll need these items:

  • water: At least four buckets full.
  • flowers: At least 12 flowers or other plants that can be planted next to water. These can include any combination of flowers, mushrooms, leaves, saplings, etc.
  • 1x diamond: You need one diamond, which will be used to activate the portal.
  • shovel: To dig the area for the portal (optional).

Once all these items are in your inventory, you can start building the twilight forest portal. All you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Find a suitable and spacious area for your portal.
  2. Dig a 2×2 square on the ground. This will be the base of your portal.
  3. Fill each block of the 2×2 square with water, so you have a small pool.
  4. Surround this pool with flowers or other plant blocks. You need to cover at least the 8 blocks directly next to to the water. 
  5. Once your water pool is surrounded by flowers, throw a diamond into the water (by dropping it with the ‘Q’ key, or the respective drop key on your system).

On throwing the diamond, a bolt of lightning strikes the pool, and the water should transform into a dark, purple portal surface, signifying that the twilight forest portal is now active. Now, you only have to jump into the portal to enter the Minecraft twilight forest realm. Upon entering the twilight forest, a corresponding return portal will be created at your arrival point in the new dimension, allowing for easy return to the overworld. Now remember, once you’ve activated the portal, it remains active and can be used repeatedly to travel back and forth between the overworld and the Twilight Forest. Enjoy your adventures in this mystical and enchanting realm!


  • The twilight forest portal works in any biome in the overworld.
  • Ensure the area around the portal is secure, as hostile mobs might spawn around the portal in the overworld.

The Twilight Forest Biomes

The twilight forest mod in Minecraft introduces a variety of unique biomes, each with its own distinct characteristics, flora, fauna and challenges. Here’s a detailed look at some of these biomes.

1. Twilight Forest (biome)

  • This is the standard biome of the realm, characterized by dense forests and a perpetual twilight sky. It’s relatively safe and is the starting point for most adventurers. It features large trees, interspersed with mushrooms, wild deer and rabbits. Small hills and clearings break up the forest landscape.

2. Dense Twilight Forest

  • It is similar to the twilight forest but with a much denser tree canopy, making it darker and slightly more dangerous. The dense foliage is home to more hostile mobs due to the lower light levels.

3. Twilight Clearing

  • It consists of open grassland areas within the forest. These clearings are brighter and relatively safe. They often contain small villages, wells and other structures.

4. Twilight Swamp

  • These are swampy areas with shallow water, mangrove trees and dense vegetation. The twilight swamp is home to creatures like mosquitoes and swamp monsters. These areas often hide valuable resources and are guarded by the lich king in his tower.

5. Dark Forest

  • An ominous biome with very tall trees that create a canopy so dense that almost no light shines through. The dark forest is challenging to navigate and is home to unique mobs like the minoshroom. It often contains large hollow hills filled with treasure and dangers.

6. Fire Swamp

  • A dangerous biome with a red, smoky sky and fire-resistant flora. As the home to the hydra boss, it is filled with fire, lava and charred terrain. Exploration can be treacherous.

7. Snowy Forest

  • Compared to the twilight forest, it is a cold biome with snow-covered ground and trees. It has a higher elevation compared to other biomes. Penguins and other cold-adapted creatures can be found here. The yeti boss resides in this biome, often in a large yeti lair.

8. Glacier

  • A frozen landscape with towering ice structures. It’s home to the ice queen in her aurora palace, which is a visually stunning structure made of magical aurora blocks.

9. Enchanted Forest

  • A rare and magical biome with vibrant flora and mystical ambiance, known for its beautiful, magical trees and the quest grove, where players can embark on various quests.

10. Mushroom Forest

  • A whimsical biome dominated by giant mushrooms. It’s less dangerous than other biomes and is a great place for collecting mushrooms and encountering peaceful mobs.

11. Highlands

  • A mountainous biome with higher terrain and sparse vegetation. This biome contains the final castle where the highlands’ boss, also known as the final boss of the mod overall, the Ur-Ghast resides.

Each of these biomes offers a distinct environment and set of challenges, making exploration in the twilight forest mod a diverse and enchanting experience. The mod’s progression system often dictates the order in which these biomes can be safely explored, as some are guarded by powerful bosses that need to be defeated in sequence.

So many New Blocks & Items in the Minecraft Twilight Forest Mod

The twilight forest mod introduces a wide array of new items and blocks, each with unique properties and uses. These additions significantly enhance the gameplay experience, offering new crafting materials, tools, weapons and magical items. Here’s an overview of some of these new items and blocks and their uses.

aurora blockschange their color, aesthetically pleasing, part of the aurora palace
carminiteFor crafting various devices and blocks
charm of keepingkeeps your items upon death
charm of lifeone-time health boost
enchanted fabric (block)for decoration and crafting
magic beansgrow beanstalks leading to giant’s clouds, where players can find giant’s tools and armor
magic mapshows the layout of the twilight forest realm
maze maphelps navigate through mazes
miner’s treespecial tree that can be planted and harvested for resources
moonworm queenunique item that allows you to place glowing moonworms on surfaces for lighting
naga scaleto craft naga scale armor
steel leafto craft steel leaf tools and armor
transformation powdertransforms twilight forest mobs into their overworld counterparts
trophy itemsboss trophies
trophy pedestalused in various progression events to unlock areas or summon bosses
underbrick (block)found in structures, strong, explosion-resistant
wood (blocks)from twilight oak trees, canopy trees and mangroves

These twilight forest items and blocks greatly expand the possibilities within the game, allowing for new crafting recipes, exploration tools and unique building materials. The twilight forest mod’s charm lies not only in its expansive new realm but also in the inventive and diverse range of items and blocks it introduces, enriching the overall Minecraft experience.

These Mobs Await You in the Twilight Forest

As you might have already noticed, the Minecraft twilight forest features several unique bosses, each with its own challenges and rewards. These bosses are integral to the mod’s progression system, with each boss often guarding the path to the next. There are 8 bosses in total:

  1. naga (in naga courtyards, large, serpent-like creature with a body made of segments)
  2. twilight lich/lich king (in lich towers, skeletal figure wearing a purple robe and golden crown, accompanied by shadowy duplicates)
  3. minoshroom (in the Labyrinths, creature with the body of a minotaur and the head of a mooshroom)
  4. hydra (in fire swamp biome, massive, three-headed dragon-like creature)
  5. knight phantom (in goblin knight stronghold, ghostly knights that phase in and out of visibility)
  6. ur-ghast (in dark towers, giant, ghostly creature resembling a sad, crying face with tentacles)
  7. yeti alpha (in yeti lairs, large, powerful Yeti, bigger than the others, with distinctive blue fur)
  8. snow queen (in Aurora Palace, regal, ice-themed queen riding an ice cloud)

Sure, you might want to go and battle all of them. However, as with many other mobs, especially bosses, there are some things to be considered first. Here are some general tips for boss battles:

  • Ensure you have strong armor, weapons and plenty of healing items with you.
  • Each boss has attack patterns and weaknesses. Learning these is key to victory.
  • Use the environment to your advantage, such as taking cover from projectiles.
  • Some bosses need to be defeated in order to progress to certain areas or unlock the ability to damage the next boss.

Defeating these bosses not only progresses you through the mod but also provides unique items and materials exclusive to the twilight forest realm.

How Easy the Twilight Forest Mod Download Is

There is one big advantage of the Minecraft twilight forest mod compared to some other mods: it still gets updated! So, if you want, you can even try it in the 1.20 version. But first, you need to fulfill the requirements. 

  • mod loader (Forge, Fabric or NeoForge)

You’re not familiar with Forge yet? Take a look at our article. Now, to the twilight forest mod itself:

  1. Search the correct version of the mod on a provider site like curseforge.com.
  2. Download it.
  3. Open the launcher and the game with the corresponding Forge/mod loader version.
  4. Open the „Mod Folder“ via „Mods“ and insert the file.
  5. Click „Done“.
  6. Quit & restart the Minecraft launcher.

A few little steps and you are ready to build your portal and step into the fairytale land called twilight forest.

Conclusion: Minecraft Twilight Forest

You want to roam a fantastic place? The twilight forest! You want to discover new biomes and structures? Have you heard of the Minecraft twilight forest? You want to battle awesome mobs? Well, the Minecraft twilight forest mod is just the right place for you! If you want to see for yourself, you should hop on a Minecraft server from G-Portal, download the mod and enjoy the adventure. There are many things to discover and mobs to fight in the twilight forest. So, all we have to do is wish you good luck and a lot of fun!

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