Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang
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Genre: Open-World-Survival
Studio: Mojang
Publisher: Mojang

Minecraft Terralith Mod

The Terralith Mod for Minecraft

Whenever there is a discussion about the absolute best Minecraft mod, the name ‘Terralith’ has a good chance to show up. While we won’t even try to decide which mod is the best, taking a closer look at the Minecraft Terralith mod definitely can’t hurt. The Terralith mod has quickly become a popular choice among Minecraft players looking to enhance their gameplay with new and immersive environments and features. It integrates seamlessly as a datapack and offers a rich tapestry of unique biomes, geological structures and aesthetic improvements over the standard game settings.

Overview Terralith Mod:

  • every game version since 1.18
  • adds new biomes 
  • doesn’t require additional mods
  • doesn’t require Forge or Fabric

Features of the Terralith Mod

The Minecraft Terralith mod introduces an array of novel features that transform the mundane into the magnificent. One of the core enhancements is its sophisticated terrain generation algorithm. Unlike vanilla Minecraft, Terralith modifies the landscape to create more realistic and visually appealing natural structures. This includes towering mountains, intricate cave systems and lush, diverse biomes.

The Terralith datapack doesn’t require any additional mods to function, making it easier for players to install and enjoy on compatible Minecraft versions. It’s designed to be a non-invasive addition that doesn’t overhaul the essential mechanics of the game, ensuring that the player experience remains true to the feel of traditional Minecraft while significantly enhancing its world complexity and beauty. The key to this compatibility lies in the fact that Terralith doesn’t introduce any new types of block. Instead, it simply uses all blocks that can be found in the vanilla version.


If you are a fan of modding your Minecraft game further, you are in luck. The Terralith mod is compatible with the Biomes o’ Plenty mod, guaranteeing a high number of new biomes to explore. We recommend getting a good map when using both mods, as you can easily get lost in a world that is even more diverse than usual.

Compatible Versions

To install Terralith, you should have Minecraft version 1.18 or higher. This is due to the rework of the ore distribution system Mojang introduced in that version. Strictly speaking, however, the oldest version of the mod you can find on curseforge.com is optimized for Minecraft version 1.17. So, if you want an old school style Terralith, that is as far back in time as it will go.

The most recent iteration, Terralith 1.20, is specifically optimized for the latest updates in Minecraft, ensuring that players can enjoy both the new features of the game and the mod without compatibility issues. While there is no version for Minecraft 1.21 at the moment, it is likely that there will be a Minecraft 1.21 Terralith version, just as there is a Terralith 1.20. 

How to Install the Minecraft Terralith Mod

Installing the Terralith mod is easy. Since it’s a datapack rather than a traditional mod, you won’t need Forge or Fabric. If you already have either of those clients, you can simply download Terralith as a mod for them. If you don’t have a client, you can install it this way:

  1. Download the Terralith datapack from a trusted Minecraft mod website.
  2. Access your Minecraft game folder. 
  3. Navigate to the ‘saves’ folder and find the folder of the world you wish to modify.
  4. Open the world folder, and locate the ‘datapacks’ folder within it or create one.
  5. Copy the Terralith datapack zip file into the ‘datapacks’ folder.
  6. Start Minecraft and select the correct world. Once the world loads, the game will recognize the datapack and you can use the /datapack list enabled command to confirm it’s operational.

Now, you can enjoy exploring new biomes! Simply start your game as usual, and you’ll find that your world now contains all the new environments and features offered by Terralith.

Top 10 New Overworld Terralith Biomes 

Counting all Terralith biomes, players can explore over 85 new regions. However, talking about all of them in detail would take far too much time. Here are some of the most popular biomes, focusing exclusively on overworld types, ranked based on their uniqueness, beauty, and the new challenges they bring:

  1. Blooming Plateau – Picture vast fields of bright flowers in a myriad of different colors under a clear blue sky. The blooming plateau provides a vibrant and uplifting environment, perfect for building quaint farmhouses or for gathering large amounts of flowers for dye.
  2. Lavender Forest – Imagine walking through a forest painted with the vibrant hues of lavender. The lavender forest is a riot of different shades of lavender, with leaves gently falling around you, creating a serene and picturesque environment for builders and explorers alike.
  3. Volcanic Peaks & Crater – Rise to the challenge of the volcanic peaks, where the air is thin and the mountain tops are rugged and overflowing with lava. These towering mountains provide a formidable landscape for experienced players seeking high-altitude adventures in the Terralith Mod.
  4. Moonlight Grove – Step into the enchanting world of the moonlight groves, where the flora glows with a subtle bioluminescence under the moonlight. This ethereal biome is filled with mystery and magic, ideal for players who enjoy a fantastical and surreal environment.
  5. Lush Desert – The lush desert is a buzzling, vibrant variation of the traditional desert, teeming with life and taller, denser vegetation. Inspired by the American west, this biome offers a rich tapestry of biodiversity and new wildlife mobs, enhancing the survival experience with its abundant resources.
  6. Frozen Cliffs – Explore the harsh beauty of the frozen cliffs, a cluster of ice-covered rises surrounded by endless ice wastes. This Terralith biome is perfect for those who love the challenge of surviving in cold environments, offering unique ice formations and snowy landscapes.
  7. Windswept Spires – Experience the thrill of the windswept spires, where small paths and infinitely deep chasms create a majestic yet dangerous terrain. This rocky landscape tests the skills of even the most experienced players, providing a unique setting for thrilling exploration and resource gathering.
  8. Savannah Badlands – A lush variation of the typically arid badlands, featuring pockets of greenery and wildflowers amidst layers of colorful terracotta. This biome offers a dramatic landscape, ideal for adventurous builders looking for a unique aesthetic.
  9. Forested Highlands – Wander through the forested highlands, where light filters through red-leafed trees onto water ponds circled by clay. These spaces are perfect for setting up camp or building settlements, offering a blend of forest cover and open space.
  10. Orchid Swamp – The orchid swamp features birch trees and lilypads, creating a lush, green landscape that’s a stark contrast to the usual plains. This biome provides a rich environment for agriculture and settlement buildings, with its fertile soils and scenic views.

While it is nearly impossible to list all Terralith biomes, at least you get an impression on how different they are. Each biome is special in its own way and worth a visit.

Top 5 New Cave Biomes in Terralith

Exploring below the surface in Terralith reveals a world just as diverse and intriguing as the surface. Here are the top five cave biomes:

  1. Andesite Caves – Delve into the andesite caverns, where the caves are lined with bright andesite and other rare minerals, casting reflections and colors that light up the dark underground. This biome is a treasure trove for miners and adventurers alike. If you see an andesite boulder in the overworld, one of these caves hides just beneath the surface.
  2. Fungal Caves – These caves are populated by clusters of mushrooms that create a surreal, otherworldly atmosphere. The eerie light of your torch provides just enough visibility for navigating the otherwise dark environment.
  3. Ice Caves – Encased in ice, these chilly caverns challenge Terralith players with slippery surfaces and hidden ice pockets. The beauty of the ice formations is matched by the peril of hidden crevasses.
  4. Underground Jungle – Beneath the dense jungle canopy lies the underground jungle, where thick roots penetrate the earth and walls, creating a tangled maze that’s as beautiful as it is confusing.
  5. Desert Caves – Experience the unique environment of desert caves, where fine sands fill the cave floors, occasionally hiding the entrances to deeper and more dangerous caverns.

Remember to always bring enough food and light sources with you, when you venture down there. You never know whom you might encounter.

Top 3 New Deep Cave Biomes in Terralith

For those who venture even deeper, Terralith offers specialized biomes that provide extreme challenges and rewards. They are called the deep cave Terralith biomes:

  1. Crystal Caves – Crystal cave biomes feature large assortments of crystals that emit light, creating mysterious environments that are both dangerous and rich in unique minerals.
  2. Frostfire Caves – Large caves filled with the eerie glow of soul fire and rare ice-bound ressources. These biomes offer a perilous adventure deep within the earth.
  3. Mantle Caves – Intense and perilous, the mantle caves are filled with flowing lava and explosive geothermal activity. These chambers are not for the faint of heart but offer rich deposits of rare ores.

Each of these Terralith biomes not only adds visual diversity to the game but also enriches the gameplay with new challenges and opportunities, making every exploration and building endeavor in Minecraft more engaging and exciting.

Exploring Structures in Terralith 

Besides new biomes, the Terralith mod for Minecraft introduces an array of unique and captivating structures that enhance the exploratory and adventure aspects of the game. Each structure is carefully designed to integrate seamlessly with the mod’s diverse biomes, offering not only aesthetic enhancements but also providing new challenges and rewards.

From witch huts to mysterious sunken towers hidden beneath the water’s surface, these structures invite players to test their skills and reap the benefits of their daring explorations. Whether scaling vertiginous heights or diving into the depths, adventurers will find that these new additions make the world of Minecraft even more engaging and mysterious.

Society in Terralith: Fortified Villages

The Terralith mod introduces fortified villages, enhancing the traditional village with robust defensive structures. These villages are encircled by stone walls or wooden palisades, complete with watchtowers and gated entrances, offering protection against raids and hostile mobs. The architecture within the walls is also upgraded, featuring stone-braced buildings and better-lit streets to deter spawns. These enhancements not only increase the village’s survivability but also provide players with a more secure base of operations and trading opportunities, adding a strategic element to villager interactions and settlement planning.

The Terralith Mod & Sunken Towers

Within the Terralith mod, players can discover the eerie and fascinating sunken towers submerged beneath the water’s surface in various biomes. These ancient, dilapidated structures peek above water level in some parts, hinting at their mysterious past. Adventurers diving into these towers will find flooded interiors, where waterlogged corridors and rooms conceal hidden treasures and perilous aquatic mobs. Exploring these towers is not only a challenge due to the aquatic conditions but also a visual treat, as the play of light through the water creates a hauntingly beautiful atmosphere.

The Spire in Terralith

The spire stands as a monumental structure piercing the skies in the Terralith mod. This narrow, towering edifice is crafted from rare and ancient materials, making it visible from great distances across the world. Climbing the spire is a daunting task, involving intricate jumping puzzles and hostile encounters as players ascend. At the top, players are rewarded not only with spectacular panoramic views but also with unique loot that can’t be found anywhere else. The Spire serves as both a landmark for navigation and a challenging dungeon-like structure for those daring enough to reach its summit.

Conclusion: Terralith Mod

The Terralith mod is a significant enhancement for the game, bringing not just diversity in visuals but also in exploration. Whether you are a builder, explorer or survival enthusiast, the new features and biomes enrich every aspect of the game, making every journey into the world fresh and exciting. For those looking to dive into this enriched version of Minecraft, simply get on a Minecraft server from G-Portal, install Terralith today and transform your game into a more vibrant, engaging world.

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